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3 Prepares a summary of your article summary is an important requirement before publishing articles. In the majority of articles directories is a mandatory information that You should consider. Keep in mind that the amount of words for the abstract is Variant according to directory where you post, so it is advisable to consider a summary with fewer words and another more detailed, so you can choose one or the other according to the conditions of the directory where you post. Source: Christie’s. This summary should have it ready just as your biographical note. 4 Keywords like extracts, in the majority of articles directories is requirement to enter key words of your article, for this case and similar to the above points will need to identify beforehand key words of your article to only do a copy and paste them in an article published in the chosen directory.

5 Have your item images in your computer images of your items are those that identify the subject of your article in graphical form. You should consider having ready images on your computer or your site to simply use in each article published in each directory. Here also You can have two or more images to associate with each item. Practicing these simple premises you can optimize much time to publish articles in the respective directories. Remember that this work must be done when you have the final version of your item ready to be published, the idea is to think only once and then publish in batch. With the final version of your article, the ready summary, key words identified, publish articles in directories will be a simple and repetitive task for each chosen directory and the time used will be reduced significantly. Together by our success in online business, Antonio learns with me to develop internet businesses from home original author and source of the article