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After all, most important for the pastry – to create an atmosphere, a certain charm that people want to go, even if you originally did not intend. Tabletop showcase. The pace of life speeds up everything, and the problem faced by a quick snack more people. Fast food is increasing, but, strangely enough, for their equipment offered equipment, originally designed for large-scale catering (restaurants, cafes). Christie’s 100 wanted to know more. Realizing this, our company has developed a series of refrigerated display Novella, which can be operated as a floor or desktop applications. Our clients are creative in choosing the site for display: some put on the table or under a table, cutting out a hole that was only visible part of the exposition, while others put on the floor, using the cover display as a tabletop, someone puts the window of the stand. Simple design, reliability, modern design and low price – it's the components of success Novella showcases the owners of bistros and eateries. Showcase is supplied with two additional refrigerated glass shelves, with backlighting, electronic temperature sensor, automatic defrost.

Operation of a refrigeration cabinet frees staff time a small institution, which is especially valuable during the influx of visitors. Showcase at the bar. Successful bar – it is always a matter of pride owners. Who else, but they know what the price is given on this success. Developing pastry refrigerated display cases series Vena Novella, we've tried to take into account the wishes of both designers bars, and bar attendants. In the beginning we did not think that their demands would be so different from the requirements for commercial equipment.


When opening the tap water from the accumulator enters the network and compensates for the sharp drop in pressure. The larger tank capacity, the less often the pump. Sales can be found accumulators with capacity from eight to several hundreds and even thousands of liters. I must say that cheap vosmilitrovye tanks not adequately cope with their problems. Thus, the draw-point (kitchen faucet, shower, dishwasher, etc.) spends from six to fifteen liters per minute, so the only missing eight liters for 15-30 seconds of a particular device. Practice shows that the optimal solution for a country house is to buy 25 – or 50-liter accumulator (cost 50-100 USD). Important operating parameters of pumping stations are the compactness of the equipment and quiet of his work.

Good performance in complex series of mq (Grundfos): their overall size is just 57x22x32 cm This mini-station will fit even on the kitchen shelf. Quiet Operation depends primarily on the design of the pump (centrifugal pump is much quieter than the vortex) and the method of motor cooling (fan or air pumped liquid). Thus, the pump motor mq cooled by water, which provides a lower noise level. Nevertheless, the leaders are pumps 'glandless' (for example, a series of chie, Grundfos). Without water, appliances can overheat and fail, so safe work in such equipment used protection from 'dry run'. This option have a series jexm (Ebara), bgm (Lowara), ngc with the automation unit brio (Calpeda), station mq (Grundfos), mcx (Nocchi), Wilo-Jet fwj (WILO) and Hydrofresh (Pedrollo).

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