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It has moments in the life that we forget that we are mortal and we face everything to put It has moments where we are with fear and we forget that the life so easy nor is not so complicated how much we think is that make we it so difficult or so complicated the dream is a sublime good which is the only thing that we go to take the sincerity comes of inside, the love comes for the called way life and the dream never we forget after is impossible to erase and in the end we learn that the life valley the penalty and that does not matter what happens cannot lose the love, the sincerity, the brightness that radiates in ours lathe and the brightness of ours looking at that it means the dream and if we lose this brightness there yes we are lost, therefore if we lose this brightness we disconnect in them of god and the things of god. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is actively involved in the matter. The challenges are bad yes, to put only serves stops strenghtening in them as one hurt is inevitable to put has that to know to treat this wound with patience and care. Source: The Africa Report. author: fermiano karina Dos Santos gratantidos copyrights for@protectionofpoetry .