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It tells the student what should be and what to think. The result of this system is that students are rebelling, or make peace. These two attitudes destroy the creativity of children and this also destroys the future of nations. With the “education” that destroyed the leadership suffer and become in effect the circumstances. The major national problems such as insecurity, poverty, corruption, impunity, drug addiction, drug trafficking, are driven in large measure by the system “educational” to suffer. THE PROPOSAL believe that the education should chairing several subjects, which determined that other students should study materials. I do not think everyone should study the same subjects as the concerns and aspirations are different.

This requires that the plans are different. The matters to which I refer are the creativity, leadership, vision and emotional education. Creativity is important because it will help innovate the field in which we intend to work, going to teach us to solve problems big and small which will surely confront us in our work life. As I said before, the world changes rapidly, but we humans do not operate under the same speed. Leadership is an issue of paramount importance for the movement of people.

The time we live is characterized by apathy and pessimism of the vast majority of people. The culture and education that we have suffered has murdered the leadership, creativity and has led to the dependency. I think it is essential to develop the leadership from an early age children. The vision. The vision is to display what you want to do within a given context. This involves making the diagnosis of the reality that one lives, the ideal location in which you want to build and finally, the construction of the bridge to move from scene to scene real ideal. The realization of the ideals necessarily require creativity and leadership, as well as emotional education. I think the essence of the preparatory work should be the development of a life project in close connection with a national project. The curriculum should be subject to this idea Emotional Education. One of the great discoveries of the mid-nineteenth century is that the emotion of the people is what determines the success or failure of the actions undertaken by humans. It is not rationality or the level of information that takes the person what determines it. There may be a person with a high level of information, but if you have an emotional low, probably fail in everything we undertake, however, if a person with a low level of information, but with a high emotional level, probably will succeed because the emotion is what really drives to know and do things. Nobody knows absolutely everything you need to know to succeed in life, that is something that should be discovering oneself through proper education and believe that with these four subjects can make students find their own way in life. Through these courses can be established that other subjects should be studied to avoid getting lost on the road. At this time there is so much information that is absolutely impossible to acquire all of which is a forced to be much more selective with the information for their own training. This is just an idea for a comprehensive educational reform, since you can start applying from the personal sphere.