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Fishing for carp in the pond has its own peculiarities and distinctions from catching this fish on a river. Carp in the pond rarely reaches gigantic proportions as in the river, this is due to a periodic descents of water and choice of fish, causing not reparable damage to its population. In small ponds, often carp growth stops altogether, and all captured specimens do not exceed the weight of a few tens of grams. Catching carp in closed water bodies begins somewhat earlier, than on the river, the water warms up here a lot faster and spawning takes place at an accelerated pace. Go to iPhone for more information. The pond carp less shy, he was accustomed to a large number of fishermen and other external irritants and sometimes even at high noise on fishing Goldfish is a success. In this type of fishing has its pros and cons in this article shall discuss them in detail. Carp in the pond mene shy, but more zakormlen on it a number of reasons both indirect and objective, the owners ponds never interested in what would be a fisherman caught many fish, they are trying every means to prevent a successful fishing, often before the weekend you can see the picture when the water poured out of the pond bags with food and weekends or holidays, when the pond is going to a large number of fishermen, fish do not want to take it on as fed up with that even clever bait and nozzles can not seduce her. . For other opinions and approaches, find out what Monika van Hoogenvest has to say.


Roach (Rutilus) – Plotka, plotvichka, plotitsa, rudd, roach, sorozhka – is representative of the carp family. This silvery little fish is common in Europe, North and West Asia. She loves the warm, calm water with a water-rich vegetation, but in the CIS common roach (R. rutilus), is widespread, not only in r.Kolyme and Asiatic Pacific. (Not to be confused with Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital!). Its weight can reach up to 2 kg, length 60 cm, but the roach weighing over 300 g already considered large. The largest roach is found in lakes and reservoirs. However, despite the fact that the ponds more food than in rivers and lakes, the roach never reaches the large size here, except, of course, great ponds. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is the place to go.

Roach fish schooling. Puberty in roach occurs in 3 to 4 years of age. How to distinguish a roach? – Roach are easily distinguished from other species in the first place the orange color of the iris and red spots in her top. Roach Body moderately high, slender, covered with silvery scales with bluish or greenish tinge on the back. The fins have a red coloration of different shades, depending on the habitat. Spawning of roach – Roach spawn in late April, when the water temperature around 10 degrees.

Usually at this time on a birch tree buds begin. Spawning takes place in the river near the coast at the mouths of rivers, backwaters, bays of stained vegetation on the course. And in the lakes roach lays eggs in the coastal zone of the old grass roots and bushes. Where to find the roach in open water in the spring? – In early spring, after the opening of the rivers, lakes and reservoirs roach kept near the shore.