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Why not also for senior events, disabled clubs or just sport clubs for drag artist Callanta is place in the smallest hut”and on almost every party attracts drag artist Kiki Calanayan Resume after nearly four years in the Berlin travesty show sky in a personal interview. The sympathetic character, who was born on August 25, 2009 as a singing Telegrammbotin is new on the market, but not inexperienced in this business. Sophisticated travesty shows for the smaller occasion and budget! That stands for the entertainer and live performer. Its catchment area is diverse. It is nationwide, but in Berlin and Brandenburg at home. During their performances, she loves the personal and close contact to the audience. Thoughtful woman Cessler a question arises.

The singer very surprising is that relatively little or nothing is offered for elderly people who live perhaps in the nursing home or club. Questions on cultural events for seniors or disabled clubs meet rarely with her a. You wonder whether their advertising not in charge arrives. In addition, the Showgirl adds, would be also on issues of garden clubs or sports clubs for summer parties very happy they. It can not be the product Callanta and its low-cost offerings – says the Berliner.

Callanta is always open to new ideas and loves the challenge. While the Berlin brat is known for her living room entertainment and will be happy for private celebrations, birthdays or weddings invited home. According to own statements she cuts a fine figure even before Cabinet walls or in the Biedermeier saloon. In their colorful and eye-catching petticoats offers small but fine entertainment service songs, hits and evergreens, peppered with its Berliner Schnauze! Mrs. Highheel sings always and everywhere live, evoking in their magical world and naturally provides a reasonable atmosphere! Why not even a mobile travesty show for home book or give a singing telegram? Space is for me also in the smallest hut”, says Callanta. Also in the smaller frame she offered happy as an all-inclusive package. The necessary equipment has it of course! Her small Orchestra, in the form of a handy PA system with microphone, which is operated by a battery. Therefore she can easily occur even in outlet-free places, such as in the garden or on a boat trip. To her appearances, she appears already made up and then makes also no striptease. Believe you, that really want to see no one and can keep her secret of the transformation for yourself. Ms. Kiki Cessler KIKI CALANAYAN Berlin wattage 7 D – 13629 Berlin Kiki Calanayan Office is a prominent drag artist who is nationwide with little transvestite shows. Their singing telegrams of music, which they presented live in almost any location are her trademark.