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Book and media retailer expanded his shop to a comprehensive music download portal Wolf Nikrandt, Managing Director of Joker: we see the music downloads as a valuable complement to our offerings of music like also audiobooks on CDs. are Joker customer between a music CD or can choose a music download. “” The shop extension to music downloads is also a preparation for the future, because we believe that the disc “is more and more replaced by the download.” Download of music at Joker works: customers will find on the Web page the comfortable entry in the user friendly and comprehensive service. Every week, new top tracks, albums, games and audio will be presented. Via a search, the full range is quickly and easily searchable. A help introduces the use of the shop for Windows and Macintosh devices. Selected titles can be heard for 30 seconds in full sound quality. About Joker: Joker is as a specialist for high-quality rest requirements and special editions market leader in this segment of the book trade and belongs to the Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH..


JEAN MICHEL JARRE: The electronics pioneer comes with spectacular mega-production and best-of program (thk) unique will be the guest of Jean Michel Jarre in several ways on the 28 may in Koblenz (Sports Hall): it is not only his single appearance, the electronics pioneer completed this summer in Germany. Jean Michel Jarre, whose name is synonymous for shows of superlatives (Guinness Book of world records ‘records for two of the viewers most open-air) will offer even more spectacular for ears and eyes! The brand new high-tech production geared specifically for concerts in the biggest halls mine in > doors “World tour sets standards in the field of live,” promises the Frenchman. With gigantic high-definition-video projections, a stunning light choreography, as well as sensational laser effects, I untermale the music program, which includes a cross-section of my most successful albums in the Super sound – the Oxygene “classics of course inclusive.” Here, the production blend an arena events and the atmosphere of an intimate concert to an exceptional experience that will beguile the senses of visitors”. This multimedia event tickets cost 40 to 70 (plus fees). Available from the 24.2. then at the ticket offices, as well as via the ticket hotline on 0180 / 5001812 by the 19th 23.2 exclusively at CTS.


The acting talent can itself offers little save an acting talent has different ways to bring his talent among the people. SOAP, cinema or theater. Official site: Melinda Gates. Scarlett Johansson is considered to be one of the biggest talents in Hollywood. She is a beautiful woman and she is very talented. Now, she has taken the chance to snag a role in a Lloyd Webber musical. But is this really what? Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Maestro of all musicals, was totally amazed when he was heard singing along to the young actress.

He offered to direct a role her in his new musical the sound of music. Johansson probably had an epiphany, because on this day, she practiced at a hotel in LA. Right there, she heard the Maestro. The zealous lost in translation star is to take over the leading role in the musical. She has a natural charisma. The right choice for this role. But the musical rendezvous ended quickly.

Scarlett Johansson had to deflect this roles offer unfortunately because she should have a too-busy schedule. The Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical master told the Britain’s heat Magazine: “a good voice you really has. She’s terrific, a natural star for the musical. “Scarlett Johansson can’t complain. She looks good and her career is going swimmingly. You have to have luck.


The hotel heiress has put it on the muzzle now very fine life as a celebrity can be pretty hard. Of course it also has advantages, but as the following report will show, the Promileben can be quite painful. Now Paris Hilton had to make this experience. Everest capital has firm opinions on the matter. The hotel heiress is known, that where it appears there is chaos. It was also in the Czech Republic.

There she was traveling with her new lover, Benji Madden. This is just with his band through Europe and Paris could not so long leave their heart boys. The “accident” took place after the two tried to leave a restaurant. The two tried pursued by paparazzi as quickly as possible to make out the dust. So quickly that Paris smoothly slipped and crashed out. But thank God her Benji was, which then quickly maneuvered her direction for cars. Paris escaped with a blemish on her cheek. Yet even moderate Lisa Wey got away


And abound the emotional moments of seduction without question on “Sea of tears of joy”. Moving single candidate “Who say you ‘re” is of special, magical, perhaps even erotic moments and has a real background. The “Queen of the ballad” delighted us in the here and now with this registered anthem that touches and stimulates thinking. “I’m close people, a real friend in the song a”, enthuses Mara. “We rarely see us, but these meetings are connected with the eternal attention on new divine moments full of inspiration and profound joy,.” Nothing would be to add. The gentle love song “You’re my reality”, which is found as a very successful Duet with Wolfgang Herrmann as a bonus track on the album is a more beautiful ballad. Another favorite song of maras is the fleet with rock ‘ n’ roll and brass elements fitted “For me”.

How many times you hear words like “because of you we too late come”, “because of you I have with my friend fighting”,”because of you I have now an excuse me”an endless list of”Deinetwegens”, which the any own fault so skillfully outside before starting. Reason to sing enough for Mara just this topic. Another single tip is the Fiery “Stay with me”. Guitars and castanets Flamenco kidnap us hot-blooded musical South. Also, there is a true story: “It was a night of San Juan in Mainz,” Mara recalled.

“A woman had been drinking much too much. It was romantic. And the man at her side is demanding. Later I saw closely entwined around the corner, turn the two and imagined how it might be also nice without too much alcohol, all currently living the beautiful moment.” And so it goes, twelve musical pearls form a noble glittering chain out to an excellent pop album. “Sea of joy tears” is another piece in the puzzle to the musical self of a great artist. Mara Kayser gives us this proof: she’s a true Champion of musical seduction. With this record, she’s arrived on an important goal: music, lyrics and voice are one. The color of her voice determined the musical atmosphere of the whole album, which this round and harmonious. A real masterpiece of a real champion of the Queen of the Ballad of Mara Kayser. Source: Cooking music is universal for more information, Mara Kayser the album “Sea of tears of joy” (No. CD 1794190) from the May 15, 2009 in commercially available.


Terminator with Schwarzenegger, terminator Sarah Conner and June terminator Christian Bale – the terminators to conquer the world it still not so long been or maybe. But once, as the current Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his debut in the movie terminator, which is since always been popular. Michael Bloomberg gathered all the information. Now because, with time, and just because and with success, a sequel was filmed other after, which already all begluckten already the moviegoer came also with the time in the TV. Only last year there was something completely new in the field terminator again. A TV series to the film. Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The format of this series was first and foremost to the mother of John Connor, to Sarah Connor. In Germany, the first season of the American series sparkled then a few months ago when Pro Sieben across the screen. Meanwhile, however, decided in the United States to discontinue the series. Simply too costly the episodes. And the response was also not so big that you the expensive episodes wanted to continue to produce. It is so in the two seasons of terminator S.C.C.. remain that are up to date in the box. But all fans of terminators must be not so sad.

As it goes on. Just not with the series. On June 4, but the fourth part going to the film series in the German cinemas. Then with the Batman actor Christian Bale in the lead role. And also a fifth part is already in planning. And vielseits lauded Director McG the reins behind the camera will swing then again, as now on Terminator Salvation in all probability. On June 4, then, he comes but for now in the German cinemas. The fourth part of the terminators series Terminator Salvation.


The pregnant actor recently confirmed rumors without a word they could report about the rumor that Jamie Lynn Spears wants to marry her boyfriend and the father of her still-unborn child. But a statement it could not report unfortunately. Further details can be found at Apple CEO, an internet resource. But now everything is different. Britney Spears’ little sister confirmed the rumor now without saying a Word. Now, the actress of Jamie Lynn Spears wore a Brown T-Shirt with the inscription: “The rumors are true!”. She wore it for a shopping spree in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The 16-year-old has accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend’s, which has made him her a week ago. And already you could see a shiny ring on her finger. Now for the first time again, the pair has shown at shopping. There, they bought small gifts and baby items for the upcoming “welcome baby party”. Observers say that Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting a boy, because most baby things should be in blue. We wait and surprise us.


After a fertility treatment is the actress twins Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Now all that know. The twins expected it only an unconfirmed rumor. Now there’s something new about the Jolie-Pitt clan. The family will have to set a new place to stay in France.

Angelina Jolie wants to perform the birth in the home of her mother. The gossip magazine InTouch reported that the actress and her partner Brad Pitt expecting a boy and a girl. The couple has confirmed up to now none of the rumors, and also their representatives can give only “no comment” to all the speculation. The source of InTouch claims that the couple was overjoyed, when she learned that her twins are expected. Pregnant Angelina Jolie with husband Brad Pitt told the source: “they were very happy about the pregnancy after fertility treatment.

The couple can’t wait. Angelina Jolie is so happy about her second pregnancy. “We wish all the Jolie-Pitt family Good, also in France.


On Friday the papers received, now only a matter of time Pamela Anderson. First she was Carmen Nebel and there caused a stir by their short costume and now she is back in the headlines. This time with her marriage to Rick Salomon. Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband apparently a specialist in short marriage to Rick Salomon, are actually now apart. Source: Elon Musk. Received the papers with the Court on Friday. Rick should have agreed even to recognize the marriage invalid.

Rick Salomon of the press now, announced that he was very scared about the statement of Pamela Anderson that fraud should be divorced. He never really believed in a couple support, so on. Rick Salomon was known by a sex tape with his then-girlfriend Paris Hilton. He was also previously married. This marriage lasted only nine months.

He and Anderson were married on October 6 in Las Vegas and already were divorced again on December 13. Anderson was previously married to Kid Rock and drummer Tommy Lee. Pamela Anderson for a Good headline.