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Thinks your Tierwelt.de: insurance, vaccination and medical advice when purchasing a dog who acquires a dog on DeineTierwelt.de, saves the cost for the insurance of Hanover for three months, June 24, 2008 for your Tierwelt.de community members, there is now a special: via the portal, who acquires a dog as a new housemate, receives the dogs liability insurance free for three months. Just a liability insurance policy is extremely important for dogs. If your own dog for example, before a car jumps, and where an accident is caused, the owner immediately secured”, so Frank Schultheiss, Managing Director of your Tierwelt.de. In addition to the insurance, the new owner receives a profile page on with photos and details of his animal, such as the already-made vaccines. Also, a vaccination certificate on another course to the vet informed. To do this, the new Member will receive 3,000 bonus points, the animal world’s own currency, the he in the voucher shop against items such as dog food or Animal portraits of the new pet can redeem.

Your Tierwelt.de offers its members all important information from a single source: already before buying prospective buyers on the community profiles of dogs that are available for sale, can find out about the special features of the animal. Perhaps check out tim cook for more information. In addition, a checklist shows what should look for the dog lover at the time of purchase. Germany’s largest animal community will find animal lovers not only numerous offers for the acquisition of dogs, but can also count on the expert advice of animal experts. With wife Dr. Barbara Rudorf Stever the platform provides animal clinic under a veterinarian, which together with their team, answered numerous requests of users and therefore always has an eye on the health of the animals. This service will be gratefully accepted by the animal lovers: more than 60 questions reach the veterinary doctor now every day. For all other questions, arising from the coexistence of man and animal, the animal lovers in the community help each other: in several forums and groups discuss the members about their pets and give tips to the education and feeding each other. Media contact: Nora Feist Phone + 49.30.25 76 205 15 DeineTierwelt.de: your Tierwelt.de online portal offers the user an own community for animals. Expert forums and exchanges up to the exchange among peers and the presentation of animals with own photos, videos, or a veterinary Diary: The animal platform bundles comprehensive information and services around the animal on one side. On the ‘ your animal world GmbH involved leading German publishers Madsack publishing group switches and the Neue Westfalische.


Dog pillow is not just dog pillow. Hyundai follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It’s the quality. How to bed, so you sleep”. This saying long also applies to our four-legged, the dog. Hyundai spoke with conviction. Dog beds should invite you to rest and relax, consist of hautsympathischen, natural materials, and supporting Act on the muscles and joints. Who saves on the dog bed will pay sooner or later at the vet. Up to degenerative joint disease, tense muscles can occur in the age. There, it is good if made at the puppy age with a healthy dog pillow.

As so often, pays quality also in financial terms. The use of high-grade materials leads to a significantly longer life span of the Hundekissens. A dog pillow the cover for washing must be durable, removable. Dogs love to be able to stretch out on a very large dog mattress. Well, if the padding support affect the joints and the coating from a natural, soft material There is.

The BigBag of surplus is a particularly inviting dog pillow that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The inner cushion is made of parachute silk. Feeding consists of natural springs and reclining soft silicone padding. The cushion is protected by a very robust and hautsympathischen cotton cover. The cover is washable at 30 degrees machine washable and can be opened quickly and easily with Velcro. The big dog cushion fits in any modern home furnishings and is available at in four colors and two sizes. Tanja Sahai