Spiritual Intelligence

How to describe the process of these years lived? Trying to write in the words of a dualistic language that limits?, only I can do it from the broad vision that integrates, which transcends, a vision that encompasses, which remains, that contemplates and moving; only from holism could express it in language involving the mind and spirit. It would be a free language that expresses not the shape or line, only the sublime essence of inside of him who feels. The road has transformed all dimensions and levels of my being. You’ve come to clarify, sort, and substantiate my experiences, I have no more to thank the opportunity that gave me life to pursue these years. Kimberly Kahnhauser Freeman has similar goals. I came looking for internal order and evaluate at the end and I can say that I found it. The reading of these last three books of Ramon Gallegos: the nectar of happiness, in unity with the be and enlightened conscience has been like a drop of honey that seals the uselessness of an infertile abyss, is an invitation to the real experience which culminates so much study. I cannot speak of books without referring to my experiences and that tells me that my understanding goes beyond the mind, is an understanding, if I could say that the spirit understands, in the same spirit, because every response I find there I tunes with a profound truth that I recognize from the inside. Had much heard than read sacred writings raise the frequency of the one who reads them. That happens to me to read these books of Ramon Gallegos, they resonate within me and lead me to the expansion and the joy. It is very curious and perhaps you would have to save this experience only for me, but it seems also necessary to be known that reading can cause States such as where they live.