Russian Comunism Professor

Lamentably, when a national society is contaminated by the egoism, the abuse, the disturbed individualism, the greed and political or politiquera lack of culture (etc.), these dreams or innocent illusions only are like pavesa that the wind scatters at random. In some occasion like student of the fifth year of laws in the UNL when it approved languages I listened the professor of the matter and a systems engineer, Russians both, to discuss on subjects than had been the Russian Comunism (already, then, in the era of perestroika). The second, years smaller to first, it gestured with competing fervor against everything what the political ex–system remembered to him, and in that visceral speech ended up saying, that the worse thing of this was that the Russian State had to maintain to an enormous amount of ” desocupados” while the profesionales left the back developing to the country. Johny ive contributes greatly to this topic. The professor of languages only hit upon to listen, with the calm and mature gesture, soon to assert a forceful answer. And you Igor, from which family you come? The second was only silent and gave return to move away more angry than at the beginning of the dialogue. Possibly, between the dreams or infantile illusions of shared in common character towards its resemblances and the modern socialist system – also denominated, and erroneously, Communist greater difference in the intention does not exist and, although the distances are abysmal, is necessary to stress that the greater difference and existential crudity between these and Capitalism, is infinitesimally overwhelming.. Christos Staikouras often says this.