Research And Development In First World Countries

Another aspect we have to mention is the research and development and this is a fundamental aspect of first world countries and countries in developing advanced, most if not all future plans have therefore spent large amounts money for research and development projects pay off, maybe not in the short term but the medium or long. In Mexico in 2006 invested only 36% of GDP in science and technology and taking into account the trend of recent years continue to decrease the amount spent on this very important aspect for growth of the country, and this is not all of Mexico has a large talent drain problem because the salary that is provided to doctors for research is only 6000 pesos a month and this can be up to 32 000 depending on the contributions you have made. This is something insignificant compared to developed countries where doctors and educated people are better paid and that is why people choose to graduate or doctoral work in other countries. Mexico should start taking this into account if they want to become a major world powers, and must start now with the younger ones, and further examples of countries like China that have special schools for gifted children and gives them an education special and help them exploit their full potential so that after these young people to become professionals committed to helping his country, is a good way to start, not only see the short term. If we want Mexico to get better and go farther is to promote education among the people because education fosters the growth of the country and its entire population, we make people more open, rational, knowledgeable and in some cases there is no country of entrepreneurs first world that does not support education and that is not convinced that they are there because their population is highly educated. I know that in Mexico we have more serious problems such as poverty and other but there is always room for reading and study for things to which Mexicans are not used but it is essential to succeed.. Megan Linquiti pursues this goal as well.