Much people find quaint JESUS to load the cross of the Humanity? However, the mother does not load the son in the womb for nine months? She is loading its cross. Gary D. Bernison recognizes the significance of this. The father does not provide the food, the study, the clothes and all more it to it to become a Man of Good? He is loading its cross until it to become independent. Thus we are JESUS with all. Letter of JESUS to the Church of Philadelphia To the Angel of the church in Philadelphia writes: These things say the Saint, the True one, That one that the key of Davi has, that opens, and nobody will close, and that it closes, and nobody will open. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP.

3:7. JESUS ahead puts of the Man a door always opened, it to be able to enter, and to have the awaken mind. It knows that the weakness human being, Always looms When the Human being abandons its Internal Christ Who speaks of the Perpetual Temple That it brings inside of itself. The moment is this Where in the Time That is of GOD, All the children its Must remain. To enter in this Space, In this bendito Time, Is to be circumscribed, To the total obedience, the MASTER JESUS Who the Humanity loaded the cross Of all to grant to it longed for It freedom.