Pharmaceutical Attention

The results had been positive and the efforts if they had concentrated, mainly, in the carenciais illnesses, infectious and degenerative. As example, we have the studies on the diabetes (Diabetes mellitus), which had led to the discovery of the insulina (necessary hormone in the lipdico and glicdico metabolism). The introduction of a new medicine, in the market, is a laborious, expensive and sophisticated process. After the chemical synthesis or isolation of the frmaco, this must be characterized (structural determination: infra-red ray spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, spectrometry of masses; physical properties: point of fusing, specific rotation, solubility; chemical properties: possible reactions with other substances, that come to interact, in case that they are used in a multimedicamentosa therapy; others). After the characterization phase, it comes the phase of the tests of biological activity (that, also, they can involve the pharmacology), such as: action on a pathological agent or a biological system, among others. Also, toxicolgicos tests are carried through, that guarantee the security of the product. Later, clinical tests are carried through ' ' voluntrios' ' , where the patients rigorously are folloied, being necessary, for in such a way, studies of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Analyses and Pathology. With the approval of the medicine (including of the frmaco), studies on techniques of manufacture and quality control are developed, that guarantee the continuous production and insurance of the product.

One more time, it is noticed influence of chemistry, treating to the development of techniques for analysis and control of the quality (chemical instrumental methods of analysis, for example). Finally, after dispensao of the medicine, in pharmacies, the druggist makes the accompaniment, or better, the farmacoteraputico pursuing, attempting against for farmacovigilncia studies. It is, in this stage, where if it finds ' ' bero' ' of the Pharmaceutical Attention. A medicine can be destined the prophylactic ends, dressings or of diagnosis. The chemical substance is folloied of ' ' excipientes' ' that they compose the formularization.