If there is something to all the men it worries to them is to maintain an pleasant aroma. Certainly to all it has happened to them sometimes that only a pair of hours after to have applied a perfume on the body, notices a sudden diminution of the aroma and in some cases their total disappearance. It happens everywhere and it does not have to do with a physical problem or an anomaly with which you will have to coexist by the rest of your life, is only that the different types of pielson and we must learn to recognize them, so that from it is much more easy to manage to extend the time of duration of a perfume, that must go approximately between the five and nine hours. If you have greasy skin, the duration will be greater still, reason why you do not have preocuparte to lose your aroma, but, on the contrary, you will have to measure the amount that you use not to make it so intense. sue. If your skin is dry, you must have a special attention in the way in which you will apply your perfume: Most advisable it is to make it right after the shower, because the pores of the body they are open and the penetration of the fragrance is much greater. It completes the line of products of the mark of your perfume; a good deodorant and gel will harness the aromas, they will maintain and them by more time. To grease corporal oil or cream for the right body before the perfume, will allow one more to a slower absorption and a greater duration. Very important also he is this tip that our mothers use very well: to look for zonasms I warm up of the body (neck, hands, back part of the ears and the expensive intern of the hands) to rocear the aroma also will allow more time with an pleasant scent.

And if what you were looking for was not indeed the key to maintain your corporal scent by more time, but your perfumes like product in himself, also we shared some ideas here to you with which you will save good part of your budget: All part from the storage: solaro remembers to maintain your perfumes moved away of the light any device that emits heat. Manten the bottles in fresh places and droughts (these are in favor of the general in the watchman or free drawers of spills of any liquid)? Gurdalos in its original boxes, that are the ideal place for their duration. To avoid to move or to shake the content, is another good form to extend its time of duration, because the stable essences are conserved better when staying and allows to apply less amount in each opportunity.