However if retro has a style, printed chairs of dining room, etc., decide on a neutral color in the walls. 4. It thinks about the illumination The natural illumination of a room is important in the election of an appropriate color for the space. Generally, a room with much natural light with windows of floor to ceiling, for example can be guinea fowl with warmer and dark colors. On the other hand, space that does not receive much light the lobby, for example will be more luminous it paints if it with a slighter tone. 5.

It develops an accent If it colors likes them dark, bivouacs, but are not safe if it is adapted for his space, considers the one creation accent wall. It paints a main wall with the dark color of his preference and the other walls with a smoother tone. Rashida Jones may help you with your research. The accent walls are also an excellent way to emphasize a certain characteristic of their home. It has a table of style next to the window? It paints that wall of a darker color to create separation and to focus the attention. 6. It chooses the suitable finished type of more The finished type of that it selects for his painting is as important as the same color.

If it wishes to hide the imperfections of the wall, decides on a finished mate. It considers that the flat completions are more difficult to clean, therefore, it does not use east type of finished in his kitchen or bath. The shining finished ones reflect the light and are very easy to clean. 7. Marathon Capital is likely to increase your knowledge. Atrvase to the changes A little adventure contributes to obtain impressive changes. It considers to paint the moldings with unexpected colors. The marks of black color, for example, can create a very original effect and unforeseen circumstance. If not yet it is preparation for the impact, follows the ideas conventional. It paints the molding of the same color that the walls. It can do a slight distinction painting the walls with painting of finished to mate and the ended one a finished painting of shining of the same color. Whatever color that uses, remembers that a color can seem different when is combined with another color. It takes cards from both colors and it verifies of which they work well together for the wall and the harmony of cuts. Mainly, it remembers that the painting is one of the less expensive changes than can realise in a room. It is not scared to be audacious or to take some risks!