Unfortunately in organizations in recent decades, the morale has left much to be said among its members, especially in regard to management, the heads that have become contaminated from corruption, undermines the image of the company and its organizational climate. Learn more at: kristen santos. Solutions proposed: – Make a good analysis and description of positions, all with the aim of joining the company suitable workers. – With regard to lack of training and staff development worker, the streamlining of the training program established by the INCE, (case of Venezuela), facilitates the realization of ambitious programs to educational activities that wish to implement corporate contributors to the institute. Administrative staff could participate in refresher courses offered by the virtual university and corporate Monterrey Tech is headquartered in Valencia as some companies Mavesa and Procter and Gamble. – Promote human resource in the sense of belonging with the company. This is accomplished through a management capable.

National universities have the mission to prepare capable managers. For more information see this site: boston private. To make better use of knowledge management student might carry out internships in companies that enable the professional future empathize with the needs and organizational culture of companies in the region and even domestic. – The manager must convince employers and shareholders that the costs of the courses update is a personal investment in the future. The current staff will be able to successfully implement new management tools and technological advances for the benefit of the company. – National universities have a duty to be a manager with a strong sense of ethics, morale and professionalism in order to minimize contamination by corruption in business.

– An organization may have a new technology, with excellent financial entices, with a strategic planning model but if the human talent is not regarded as the driving force behind the company, the sum of the efforts will be weak and not sustainable in time. To achieve true synergy and business environment in addition to legitimate prevailing achieve success based on values is due to: 1) Provide a respectable job site so that the person knows and boosting their strengths and improve weaknesses. 2) Provide the way for a new trial as a human being and grow self-esteem. This would not only be taking a company to excellence but we create better people for a better country. Definitely keep in mind is very valid, as we are reminded Chichi Paez (2005) It is necessary and indispensable that those responsible for managing the human factor for companies to establish appropriate mechanisms to appraise the performance of workers aimed to recognize performance outstanding, where one component of this evaluation is to enhance the skills highlighted by members of the informal structure. Although the term ‘competence’ is used by human resource managers as a significant again. This term is very old, because it has two meanings: to compete and compete, which come from the Latin verb, shall be ensured, which means one thing to go to meet other, meet, match.