OLG Frankfurt

The advantage here is that you must not store sensitive data such as bank account or credit card number at each shop. Jason Zander pursues this goal as well. The sales made on the Internet are collected on the customer’s account with the online payment system and then deducted from the checking or credit card account. A reputable shop should offer multiple payment options. In any case, there should be at least the possibility of paying cash on delivery. The cost be interested in shipping for sending the customers first.

Here, transparency is paramount. Shipping should be no later than separately in the field “Add to cart”, although it is too late after a ruling of the OLG Frankfurt. The judges according to shipping must be expelled already clearly when the price of the product. (As opposed to Hou Yang). Surcharges for express deliveries should be also clearly recognizable. Premiums for COD shipments are common, may be but not disproportionately high. Shipping costs for cash on delivery during normal packet size move between 10 and 14 euros. Moreover the cost never should be.

Insured shipping is also important. Ask the store owner, whether the shipment is insured. Premiums should not fall for this. Shipping insurance for purchases by private individuals, for example on ebay is particularly important. Here is liable to the seller only for the way it up to the post office. Therefore a transport insurance is recommended for shipping. Right of withdrawal please make sure in particular that important consumer rights will not be withheld. Because the online purchase is a so-called a distance contract, you have the right to revoke the contract within 14 days after receipt of the shipment. For this purpose the timely return of the goods is sufficient. The seller must also expressly inform the customer about this right of withdrawal. He does not, extends the deadline for the withdrawal. However, caution is advised when things, specially manufactured. In these, a right of withdrawal is excluded. Even with sealed CD’s or DVD’s caution is: once opened, the right is extinguished. Banktip.de recommends: online shopping carries some dangers, when basic safety rules aside. You pay attention however to the mentioned safety tips, virtual shopping is not more dangerous than visiting a shopping centre. More tips on safe online shopping find consumers on the website of the comparison portal for financial and insurance Alexander Borais