Who is equipped by nature not with powerful and beautiful finger nails must however not despair hands and manicured nails beautiful are the dream of many women. Finally, they are a kind of figurehead in the private sphere as well as in their professional life. Especially desirable are pretty manicured fingernails. Beautiful nails are not self-evident however, because every second woman suffers from shattering and brittle nails. See more detailed opinions by reading what Noel Mack offers on the topic.. Also by hormonal related disorders of growth, the finger nails often reach not the desired shape and length.

Who is equipped by nature not with strong and beautiful nails, must not despair however. Artificial fingernails offer many options to get your own hands catcher. Artificial nails are the trend and can look so natural, that they are almost indistinguishable from a real finger nail. UV gel enhances the natural nail, so that even heavy stresses no damage leave the finger nails. The natural nail must be first cleaned and then frosted with a file when using UV gel. Here, the natural nail should be filed only so long until no longer shines, but not the whole nail surface.

The resulting filings is then removed with a brush. Eventually, the nail is greased to ensure a good adhesion to the nail tips. Nail glue the tips on the natural nail are glued cut in the connection to the desired length and filed in the form. Then, the approach of the nail tips to the nail should be filed as flat until you can barely see him. After filing, the filing must be removed again. In the end, the UV gel applied and dried the artificial fingernail in the light-curing unit. Like a real finger nail you can embellish his artificial nails with nail polish or striking fashion with nail art. Nail art offers a variety of options for every type and taste the right look to create. There are no limits imagination of stickers on powder and glitter is permitted to nail piercings at nail art everything, what you like. There is a limitless variety of Nailart products with which you can decorate his fingernails. A simple, yet eye-catching kind of nail art stencils is the stamping with Konad. Konad stencils are made from punch-free steel, so that when used correctly, a long service life is guaranteed. All on the Konad stencils depicted motifs can be transferred easily to the nails.