Moktada Sadr

The Sufis had it in the past Years not easily in the Iran. Because they practice a personal approach to God and distrust the traditional writings, Sufis are considered by many Orthodox Muslims half or even total non-believers. Under President Ahmadinedschad joined a movement in appearance, which predicted the end of all time. It is not the first time that something was happening in the Iran. At the end of all times the return of the hidden Imam “in the company of Jesus expects. All this should be done in the Holy City of Qom, which generated a hysterical atmosphere, resulting in the mystical Sufis were the victims of acts of violence. Azmayesh looks but at the moment are amazing alliances in the highest levels of the spiritual leader. Enemies of yesterday combined with more moderate forces against the spiritual leader Ali Khamenei, all on the basis of Montazeri initiative.

1989 Montazeri fell out of favour of the revolutionary leader Khomeini, because he given the appalling mass executions of political opponents to the Iraq war in 1988 publicly and violently had protested. Until his fall, he was touted as successor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution, Khomeini. As a ideologue who had revolution he the theory of the “velayat-e faahoodi” – that must land directed by a “religious leaders” are developed. Earlier he has pointed out time and again, that his ideas were swept into its opposite, since they were not applied in the right way. In his last letter to his equals great ayatollahs however, he proves now supporters of a clear separation between the State and religious institutions.

Azmayesh: “by this statement Khamenei loses legitimacy. This action of Montazeri is more dangerous than a meeting of the Expert Council, which can drop him off for Khamenei.” But what about the armed militias, the Bassij and the Pasdaran? Azamayesh: “many of them are left. The regime relies very heavily on foreigners, as well as Afghan Shiites, Lebanese Hisbollahi and Iraqi supporters of Moktada Sadr’s. It is reported that many of the Police officers who did last Saturday against the demonstrations, spoke no Farsi. The protesters were especially embarrassing for the regime the chanting probably: “We want the Iran die for, but not for the Lebanon or Palestine.” How long will Khamenei remain still in power? Maybe some months”. Helmut N. fork on the basis of an article in the Dutch newspaper Trouw