Mojtaba Khamenei

The machinations of Mojtaba Khamenei in favor of Ahmadinejad were stumbling. Mojtaba, born in 1969 in the Holy City of Mashhad, was one of six children of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. His upbringing brought him in the environment of ultra-radical cleric Mesbah Yazdi and Abolghasem Khazali, both members of the Hodschatijeh society. This right-wing religious society was founded in 1950 and 1983 banned by Khomeini, is vehemently against made me Hossein Moussavi, the former Prime Minister. The ideological core of the Hodschatijeh rejects any forms of democracy and is strongly based on the return of the hidden Imam. The followers of this ideology are in favour of clearly the use of force, if the population refuses to accept their ideology.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi once said: the Prophet of God did not believe in pluralism. You thought was only a single concept right.” Obviously, Mesbah Yazdi holds for the rightful heir of the ideas of the Prophet Mohammed, which stands on the right side of history. He considers sheep’ ordinary people. After the election of 2009 Mojtaba Khamenei is suspected of again the stripping have moved, first to control the outcome and secondly the protests on the street bleeding down to beat. Since then is it said, he set the time after his father. The time with him as supreme leader. What are his connections in the State apparatus? The connections in the corridors of power self Iranians is hardly known to one of the connection men by Mojtaba: Mullah Aziz Khoshvaght, Member of the Expert Council, which can put the Supreme Leader and again put off.

It supports endeavours Mojtaba and Mostafa Mojtabas brother has married his daughter. Was the Chairman of the Expert Council to award 2007, he appeared as a candidate of the right-wing group behind Mesbah Yazdi, but was defeated by Hashemi Rafsanjani. Khoshvaght directs a large mosque in the North of Tehran’s Friday prayer and is regarded as radical principle keeper.