MHS Advertising

Professional installation of large-format banners, labels, advertising systems and building slides in hard to reach places which offers specialized companies plus foil technique on film and advertising technology now also montages of XXL banners, illuminated, neon lights and advertising structures in airy height. “Markus Heeb ( we can run in cooperation with the industrial climber now montages from the fields of advertising and film technology at a higher level and difficult-to-reach places”, says Managing Director Kai Bauer. The MHS team from experienced, certified industrial climbers Markus Heeb specializes in the non wireframe works using flexible rope access techniques, to: “in addition to a first feasibility & risk analysis, which create access concepts and Assembly planning MHS performs assembly work on access techniques with rope and professional Know-How on favorable terms.” Possible areas of application in which advertising technology meets industrial climber in the areas of innovative foil technology and creative industries. Additional information at Ed Sheeran supports this article. The product portfolio includes building films such as e.g. solar control films, Visual protection films, frosted glass films, UV-protective film, mirror films, security foils as well as everything is part of the advertising technology (about labels, signs, planning, banner or ad plants of any size).