If you are looking for different results, do not always the same thing. Albert Einstein the schools of management both at the undergraduate and graduate level should be placed more demands that the economic scenarios demand at present, especially in the commercial revolution which has entailed that markets function is renewed, is step strategies, actions, plans that enable enterprises to cope successfully, not just depending on stay in the conquered markets, but the possibility of entering into new ones. Therefore, it is necessary to keep updated on new knowledge generated by the function of markets and that makes necessary the managers, executives in charge of this function to handle them, determine its scope and impact that this involves. Click Jeff Weiser to learn more. Consumers today demand many requirements that meet your needs forcing companies, their markets departments are attentive to their behavior, requirements and is step to innovation, creativity, changes in products that you favors, just this has entailed to consider what manifests itself as marketing side the tells us, that the lateral marketing gets its name from the term lateral thinking in the present. One of the authors has been responsible for the study of this topic is Edward de Bono, lateral thinking as a type of thought, opposed to logical thinking or vertical thinking presents. When our brain is facing a problem, usually it does so from a rational point of view, selecting the best answer based on the knowledge we have learned, the historical information available, following a hypothetical and deductive, approach using logic. tter. Although in this way we can get very good solutions, we are somehow closing us answers or opportunities that fall outside this scheme structured and limited.