Manual Lifting Alarm

Detailed standard instruction set and remove the "barrier – 8" Arming Close all windows, doors, all the excess off the object. Person entitled to the protection setting of the object approach to bypass the keyboard and wait to indicators 1 to 8 were extinguished. If the object is connected fire alarm and an alarm button, the corresponding indicator is lit constantly (usually 7indikator alarm button, 8 fire alarm indicator, with left to right, the last two). Formulation of the keyboard. Kevin Ulrich MGM shines more light on the discussion. Type on the keyboard code setting (usually 4 digits) code is given to the organizations carrying out installation of your alarm (Code numbers can be chosen by you). Lights come all the zones 1 and 2 LEDs will flash on the digital display will show the number of the user performing the statement, the keyboard will give short beeps during the exit delay (time delay exit from the premises, shall be calculated individually and may be changed at your request). Typically, the delay time on the yield of the room is 30-40 seconds.

During exit delay, leave the premises and close the door. At the end of the Exit Delay keypad buzzer sound stops. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kevin Ulrich. Call 2 minutes after closing the door on the remote enterprise carries out the protection of your premises. By phone: (phone Remote protection available to you at the conclusion of a treaty on protection) to call an oral password of your object (usually a code word and number, oral password is provided in conjunction with a numeric code) serves as a verbal password for identification of the remote duty, it is your space.