By echoes of inland (EDTA) David Foronda Norman L. In the current, complex and contradictory society, although sometimes seems that you faith, spirituality and religion represent or occupy only a small part in the life of the majority of people, certainly, I think that these continue to constitute in the transcendental fortress that gives meaning to the existence of people and provides hope for a life in harmony and peace either earthly or spiritual. During the Lenten season religious practices such as fasting, prayer, meditation, preaching, the study of the word, etc. join people in their desire to express their faith in addition to transmit to others, thus reflecting the large debt of humanity before God who sent his only son to atone for the sins of the world in his goodness and love eternal. The society is called to conversion, to reflect, to repentance, reconciliation, to the unwavering reaffirmation of faith in the Lord and a complete and sincere spiritual renewal. In Lenten season expressions of love to Jesus are made more latent, the adoration of the cross, the different processions in which staged the passion and death of the Lord are just some examples of what is happening in time for lent and Holy week..