Lithuanian Economic Miracle

This museum, they say, are particularly fond of visiting priests. Most surprising that such a jack is not considered a symbol of evil and all ill. On the contrary! He – a talisman for good luck. Stein from the brewery Juozas (not far from Palanga) will be a great gift to beer lovers. This brewery is still called "Hush Hush Ba. Or, in special occasions, "Lithuanian economic miracle. " Miracle, because originally built there only brewery.

But at the same time and a small bar for tastings. The plant was in the suburbs, transportation did not go there, advertising is not allowed, but The place has become very popular! So yes, that turned into an amusement park with many bars and souvenir shops. Hush Hush Ba – and a glass of yours! 🙂 You took with you and a bottle of Lithuanian beer Svyturys: a valuable gift to this lover of the drink. Think of something stronger? Consider and take: balsam Zalgiris, the namesake of the famous football team. The fortress is suitable only real men – it 70 degrees! Also, do not pass by infusions Tris divenerios "," Suktinis " "Bobyaline. If you yearn for intimate acquaintance with the national cuisine, bring them to the recipe tsepellinov – special potato dumplings with meat. Or Lithuanian cold borscht recipe, which is agreeably diversifies year . For those who do not like to cook, fit the bread.

Do not be alarmed seeming simplicity of this gift: we'll have to try to select it from the set of sorts. Lithuanian bread – very fragrant and delicious. If you are waiting on not only bread, bring "Shakotis" – the national pie dough. In form it resembles a Christmas tree, and inside – hollow. Traditionally baked for the wedding (its "put" on a bottle of champagne). For an intellectual grasp poem "The Seasons" a famous Lithuanian poet Kristijonas Donelaitis. In the original language, of course! Included with the Lithuanian-Russian dictionary:) buying gifts, you will see that they are all "" and Lithuania will be able to convey the spirit of the country, having pleased Your loved ones. Maybe you're lucky enough to find your own, do not purchase a gift. It will be linked with your travel and adventure (and why not?) In this country. Who knows With your story, it will be one of the best ever Give you. Try it!