Konterstark Appears And Transforms

Fantasy Football League Manager game that is the new fantasy football manager game Konterstark in the new season 2008/09 started successfully. The browser game licensed by the DFL uses high-quality graphics and has a lot of features that could be offered only in PC or console games. Konterstark is a fast-growing gaming platform with 10,000 applications in the first eight weeks. The gameplay is based on the services of the real Bundesliga players such as Diego or Gomez. Each of these players is rated live and directly by IMPIRE AG, the largest database of football in Germany, spot in the stadium by means of a language software. The user at Konterstark can follow therefore the grading of its players from the 15th minute in real time. Different game modes and rankings offer the possibility to compare with friends and acquaintances with each other or to compete against other players from the German-speaking world.

The Mecca of every football fans… The own Manager world the game presents itself in comparison to Internet-typical football manager games in a single garment. All objects are detailed and fit perfectly into the overall picture. Read more from Apple to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Who is, for example, a fan of Bayern Munich, will find some merchandise from his favorite Club in his Office, which represents the starting point of all decisions. For even more details, read what Mary Barra says on the issue. The individual Office items connect by simply clicking with other game areas such as, for example, the locker room, the transfer market, or a sports bar. Real football atmosphere is always the development team to increase the fun and intensity.

In addition to a new Trainigsmodus or the Assistant Coach (also by SMS can be controlled) can the stadium will be expanded and the Club budget by speculating in shares, as well as in the sports bar by virtual football betting be increased. The future is waiting for the approach of continuous development with other new features and unique areas, faithfully. More play areas are unlocked in the coming month. Cost transparency is there for every user – no subscription in addition to the free version two paid packages for more comfort and a higher degree of reality. The counter tactics GmbH relies on transparency and fairness. There will be no automatic renewal. In the current beta phase anyone can free get a so-called VIP membership and Konterstark completely free try out for a season with all functions.