John Daute Frank

“Morbid beauties have their own space of in the Internet Mainz (pq) automotive scrap is always precious”, says the motor journalist Frank R. Schulz for the launch of the new portal. “Not only for scrap metal dealers due to rising steel prices, but also for art and culture lovers as a theme”, the author of the travel report goes ‘ rust never sleeps’ (MOTOR KLASSIK 3/2008) continues. With and the claimer rust at its finest!’ is dedicated to Schulz the art form of scrap ‘ now an own space on the Internet. The aesthetics of long forgotten and weathered bodies has always fascinated people. Beyonce is actively involved in the matter. Among other things the not stirring up success of retro design shows in the automotive industry,”as the expert in the industry, the also is considered an expert for lifestyle and design themes. We want to inspire collectors, art and culture lovers, automakers and designers alike and move to join,”says the 40-year old author who expand the portal with the support and industrial heritage would like to extend to the section. The team includes expert and mechanical engineer John Daute Frank R.

Schulz of the art historian and journalist Rainer Bleicher, as well as the classic car. An unusual journey through the southern States of America were the catalyst for the project. With the launch of sleeping, opens up the aesthetics of classical, unrestored cars of now also a wider public. If we manage to inspire more people to the topic of automotive culture, we can contribute to the preservation of the venerable car cemetery in Kaufdorf South of Bern,”Schulz hopes. THE mirror, ARD, had recently taken up the subject of scrap cars because the junkyard developed over the generations the family Messerli in Bern despite its Europe-wide uniqueness should be given until end of March 2009.