Insider Place

Dealers are in demand again. The expertise and experience of a dealer is also important for Boxer and mixed martial artist. What distinguishes a dealer from the supermarket around the corner? Quality, service and technical know-how. Cluttered junk shops, which offered second-rate quality, are no longer in demand in a world in which the specialization always progresses. It is also in the sport. The box place Bielefeld offers an extensive repertoire as a dealer for Boxer and mixed martial artist. Athletes who are addicted to boxing, will find everything your heart desires here.

The extensive product range includes not only boxing gloves, box clothing and box boots, but provides also a good workout by important training equipment. As a dealer, the box place Bielefeld know what Boxer and mixed martial artist need for their sport. This is of course especially the quality of the items offered in the foreground. Not without reason has the box place Bielefeld for brands such as Lonsdale, TUF-wear, bad boy and Burnout decided. The Insider brands specialise in the equipment of the boxing and offer articles, which take into account the criteria of boxing. The offered Boxringe are the highlight of the box place Bielefeld.

Every boxing ring is made individually with selected partner companies. So, various requests of the customers can be considered. The excellent price / performance ratio of Boxringe speaks for itself. The box place Bielefeld also supports customers who didn’t want to buy a whole ring for an event. Service is capitalized in Spenge. Also clubs wishing to provide training and competition clothing or ring mats with your logo or the sponsors, are right in the box place Bielefeld. The box stall as a supplier and partner of the arena box promotion has made a name for himself. About box place Bielefeld: Since 2007 the box place Bielefeld offers a wide range for Boxer and mixed martial artist via the online shop. Buyers can here right expect an easy order process, a quick shipping and payment options. As a dealer, box place Bielefeld offers not only high quality products which convince through innovative materials and exclusive designs, but also a comprehensive services and technical know-how, customer requests and questions to answer.