Holidays In Northern Europe

The Germans the world champions in the travel are supposed. But if in a few weeks, the Christmas season is over, many travelers are not each one of these again wondering where it’s going next year in the holiday. The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. Italy and France are also often visited. Most Germans but spend their holidays in their own country. In particular the North – and Baltic Sea are coveted as a tourist destination – and at any time of year! However, the North – and Baltic Sea coast not only from German soil out exploring.

The Scandinavian countries have gained enormously in the travel world champions in recent popularity. Particularly Denmark is often visited by families. Further north, to Norway and Sweden, it attracts many nature lovers who want to experience the unspoiled landscape of Scandinavia. (Source: Michael Bloomberg). Further East lies the “land of 100,000 lakes”. Finland is active in the Finnish Lapland to the cold season therefore very popular with anglers, but also for winter sports, spend. The volcanic island Iceland is located far out in the North Atlantic. She, however, is something for adventurers who want to experience the primal forces of our planet.

Also, who wants to experience only a short city break to discover much in Northern Europe. Just think of the beautiful port cities Copenhagen, Oslo or Bergen. Or in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, which boasts its medieval streets in Gamla Stan, the city, and many other attractions. Northern Europe is so versatile! There are numerous sources of information about this destination on the Internet – one of them is the newly founded country portal of North There, visitors will find numerous travel notes, a short geography to the Nordic countries, as well as a large image gallery. This and many other Internet offers help in planning a trip in the high north of Europe. And where are you going to spend your next vacation?