GSM Alarm

Life of modern man unthinkable without various intelligent systems, with which we carry out interaction with the world around us and which make it much easier our lives. Company 'Connect-GSM' offers variety of complex automated control systems and alarms, which allow not only to control any situation in your home, but also manage it remotely. Informed – is forearmed. Gsm Alarm embodies this principle. GSM alarm installation – not a simple fad, but a very urgent need for every property owner who wants to keep abreast of developments.

All the more so GSM alarm system Home these days is not something unavailable at the price – to buy our proposed model of the equipment is quite expensive for a person with average income. You can not call her and demanding to use – just mobile phone to in the event of any force majeure events in your apartment or house you have received a signal about this and take appropriate countermeasures. Those who are used constantly in a state of comfort without any extra effort by Connect-GSM is recommended to install equipment that will turn your cottage or apartment in the so-called smart home, which will install equipment to our professional. Set a smart home (as in Moscow and in other regions of Russia) – the solution of a number of your worries and problems. Modern equipment, customized to fit your desires and habits will allow you to save time and effort – very intelligent smart home, the price is quite adequate to its usefulness, will manage the appliances and utilities in your home (heating, ventilation, lighting, irrigation system and lighting the garden), alone and in the most optimal conditions without your participation. Remote lighting will include the whole group of lighting devices based on time of day and the selected mode.

Remote control automatic gates to the house adjacent to the territory controlled control unit, raised in any room of your choice and can be as pressing a button, and in the voice mode. Office of the gate garage with the help of our systems will allow you to park your car, not leaving it to open the garage door. GSM-management system using a mobile phone to help you forget about worrying – whether hacking attempt, included an iron or unclosed valve. GSM camera through the satellite continuously transmits the image to the monitor guards. With one SMS will be de-energized unit managed outlets in every room, the second SMS will be blocked in the absence of water at home and you have accomplished thus protection from leakage. Convenient, is not it? The main objective of our company – the comfort and safety of our customers provided with Installation of modern GSM-systems. And as experience shows, this desire, exercisable by us at very affordable prices, is in great demand and positive feedback from sighted people.