Flute Playing

If someone has received God's gift of being able to play the flute with his ass to call immediately. If you're the type of people who, after dinner, in the afternoon with family and friends after the third shot after carajillo, they will tear bulerias or dance or tell jokes you start to laugh is departing from colleagues being the soul the party does not mean you can sing well or have grace your jokes, it means that your friends are a dull and that in the next four hours you can not drive. Do not ridicule Caballero. Do not make the prime. Not be used as bait to mix it up. Worthless. To be laughed at her mother.

Not denigrate work more in television quality. Avoid being an accomplice to it. Do not give them the pleasure of being laughed at you. I do not care if your cousin says that imitates well Calzada Chiquito farts or if the burner flame throwers and flash half a meter away. I really interested. I sympathize with all those who have come out yesterday in the latest program, have passed the final or not. I sympathize with all those who yesterday were subjected to public ridicule in prime time, with those who were told "you are not worth" to publicly humiliate them in front in Spain, rather than in a private test should be.

He left a fat kid singing (if you can call it singing) I doubt I can go to school after kings, without being laughed at him. The ten year olds can sometimes be very cruel and some, less bastards I sympathize with those who did not leave or finish their performance, the magician father which was cut trick to ridicule in front of her daughter crying the public. That is not done. You can not tell a person who just sung (like the ass, of course) their behavior is an insult and disrespectful … very strong. In short I sympathize with all those who will not be able to leave home for a year of public embarrassment that have made them happen. Perhaps it was avoidable because we are all people and it is time we change the idea of television in this country, because otherwise, we will never be a truly civilized country. That yes, in choosing not to carry the dead guilty to television, because such programs are often the most views. It is time for both viewers and consumers begin to make self-criticism. Perhaps the fault is ours to consume.