Eyelash Compression

What woman doesn’t dream of seductive long eyelashes, an eyelashes which turned the head of all men, tips for the eyelash extensions and eyelash compression with false eyelashes or Wachstumsfluid but also from the admiring views of other women? I would like to demonstrate the best practices here, with which you can fulfill the dream of long, thick lashes. Started to have 5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians, which with various tricks the eyes using coal dust and fatty substances (E.g.: Kajal) have spread to highlight even more so their beauty. These methods have been constantly improved over the course of thousands of years. An eyelash extensions for women is now available and affordable. Types of Eyelash Extensions 1 false lashes in one piece stick 2. false eyelashes in individual strands of glue 3. Eyelash extensions by Wachstumsfluid 1 false lashes in one piece stick that is the classical method, as we already from the 60s years of know our mothers. On small strips of more or less long and many hairs are attached, which are fixed with a skin-friendly adhesive substance.

These were at night taken down again by the ladies and tucked in the box until the next use. Advantage of this method: cheap and easy to use, virtually every woman is able to apply this to himself. “Price: 3,-until 10,-drawback of this method: as it is known from many films, these things tend to get through tears or wild dancing independently” to make. Also the comfort is not just satisfying and they are not suitable for women with sensitive eyes. “2. False eyelashes into individual strands stick to this method is only for a few years on the market and had a short and very intense hype”. The effect is absolutely great, but very time – and costly. In this method, individual highlights using a keratin glue on the existing lashes are glued with tweezers and magnifying glass.

Time depending on the quality 1-2 Hours. The eyelashes must be patched every 4 weeks again and after resealing. Advantage of the method: the effect is to see immediately after the treatment and keep up to 4 weeks (depending on the strength of own eyelashes). Price: between 100,-and 200,-for 4 weeks drawback of the method: you can extend the own hair by 50% maximum, this is only an approximate rule. The load-bearing capacity of the own hair is crucial, if this is not sufficient, then assume the glued-together with the own hairs. If you’re unlucky, almost the whole eyelashes can be for a short time away, they grow back again, but then only a consolation. 3. Eyelash extensions by Wachstumsfluid this method is very new and very promising also for the entire hair crested. Highly active prostaglandins promotes the hair at the root and without unwanted side effects. An abundance of vitamins, bio-Petide, flowers and fruit extracts still complete the effect. This fluid is using a small brush to remove the Daily applied eye makeup on the eyelid. Also for the eyebrows, you can use the fluid. Within 2-3 months the eyelashes to about 50-75%, and density of sprout and volume increase. If you stop it, the effect diminishes after some time and settles up to normal size again. Advantage of the method: for every woman easily applicable and without risk. In this method, there is no risk of losing the eyelashes. Disadvantage of the method: who wants beautiful lashes quickly for an evening, must be first 8 weeks wait. Price: 70,-to 120,-for 3 months