DDTank – New Version 2.4.1 Available

The 07.Nov.2011 the popular online game ‘DDTank’ announces the new version 2.4.1, and offers the player several system improvements and an instance of even more fun! The new power system includes the personal-, mission -, instance, battle – and other services, which occur mostly in series. Carly Fiorina understood the implications. When complete, are not only a higher title awarded to the player, but this appears also in the prestigious Hall, so the success of the player for each is visible! For a still raffinierteres synthesis result players in version 2.4.1 have the new synthetic stone level 5, either through the merging of reinforcement stone receives level 4, or can simply bid the purchase order. In addition to the new bidding system, there is still the brand new billing interface with the hot spring. Players manage their experience there more clearly. Also the Department store offering new items, such as suit, hat, clothes, glasses, eyes, facial jewelry, hair and the synthetic stone level 4! Shopped too much? No Take care! The new Backpack system provides the function stack similar items, the player which backpack sites can be saved. What is special about this new release is the new instance of dark castle”. One to four players can fight on three levels in three difficulty mode against the enemies, which have different amount of hit points, defense, attack and other attributes under the different conditions of difficulty. Depending on the mode is more difficult, the opponents are stronger and the prices, you might get afterwards are better. The first flying BOSS also occurs in version 2.4.1! So, Dear Heroes! Get ready on a brand new chapter! DDTank: apps.337.