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Insight into the variables and data view IBM SPSS is a standard software for the processing of empirical data. d Blumenthal offer similar insights. It enables the flexible, individual, secure and reliable entry and editing of the data obtained. Tables, charts, and a variety of statistical evaluations are using the tool’s graphical user interface with a few clicks intuitively realized. In a question-answer forum Elon Musk was the first to reply. Research are supported technically extensively with various program modules of the system. Andi Owen: the source for more info. The handling and the use of this software show a characteristic taxonomy and an own program work logic. This article outlines the characteristic use of the system. The article provides insight into this work logic by processing outline of survey results with SPSS. The statistical bases necessary for the understanding of the system are also just included in the treatise.

Contents introduction and undertaking statistical basic concepts of data collection, statistical principles for working with IBM SPSS coding of data collection, preparation for capturing data with IBM SPSS working with IBM SPSS, variable view, data view transfer encoding in the system, variable view, labels, measuring level transfer of data of the questionnaires in the system, control of collected data, data view insight into creating analyses, tables, graphics with IBM SPSS resume and references list of figures figure 1: questionnaire of survey figure 2: encoding scheme of the questionnaire bibliography introduction and project IBM SPSS is a standard software for the processing of empirical data 1. It enables the flexible, individual, secure and reliable input and processing of data, statistical analysis, data management and the Datendokumentaton won. In a comfortable way, statistical analysis can be realized with this software without a stats Pro to be the same. Intuitive access to the statistical data analysis with SPSS can convict a distaste for statistics in enthusiasm and contribute, that you are happy with data collections would like to employ more closely. A practice, which is in our modern information society and the urge for data-based decision making of great importance.