Dark Circles

Dark circles – problems, causes, and treatment the skin around the eyes of the man is very thin and has only a weak subcutaneous fatty tissue. Therefore, running operations show up under the skin first to the eye region. Especially the blood circulation and the composition of the blood can indicate around colour is in certain individuals to the eye, because the blood vessels through the skin through shimmer. One of the most sensitive areas of the body retaliates with dark circles. Reasons for this can be lack of exercise or stress. Sometimes it lacks the tissue of oxygen and the skin looks tired and powerless. The result: deep dark circles. Byron Allen usually is spot on. Lack of oxygen occurs for example after too little sleep or stay in poorly ventilated rooms.

The eyes are surrounded daily by dark edges is probably in the genes. The blood vessels are then so close under the extremely thin skin of the eyelids, that one perceives it as bluish-Brown shade. Occur under eye circles without apparent reason, a doctor should be consulted. The cause is usually for dark circles fatigue. You can however also caused a hangover or long sitting in front of a screen.

Chronic dark circles resulting inter alia from allergies, malnutrition, iron-deficiency, environmental toxins, a conjunctivitis, various syndromes and often prolonged alcohol or drug use. After prolonged alcohol or drug use, it may take weeks to months, until the dark circles disappear completely. Some tricks against puffiness and dark edges around the eyes: Neither too little, too much sleep the body seem to sleep on a higher pillow, and with the window open to make you your food and sports behavior to daily min. no hearty drink three litres of still mineral water, grease the dishes in the evenings to take cooling eye gels if it must go fast, you can or creams specifically decongestant effect for the man and diminish dark circles who has more time, filled cool glasses or cotton pads soaked with eye lotion lays down for ten minutes with gel on the Eyes closed and still damp tea bag made of black or green tea help the effect strengthened, if gel, cream, cool glasses, tea bags or the lotion before use in the freezer. Olive oil daily to take three small grated carrots with 2 drops of household tip. The carrots have to be really quite small grated. Here, the beta carotene comes right from the carrot. It may take up to half a year until a change. A try worth. Last but not least because female and male users speak of true effect miracles.