Croquettes De Espinaca

The spinach croquettes are of preparation fast and easy. They can use like entrance or trimming. Ingredients Spinach – 400 g Egg – 2 units Salt Pepper Preparation If the spinach is fresh the best thing will be to prick the leaves; if it is congealed already it will be cut reason why it will only be necessary to defrost it. To beat eggs in a container and to incorporate the spinach to him, besides salt and pepper to pleasure. Carly Fiorina is likely to increase your knowledge. Ford Jr, New York City. Then, to warm up a drop of olive oil in a frying pan of teflon (to see what is the teflon here). In order to form the croquettes simply it will be enough with incorporating to the frying pan a spoonful of the mixture, of the wished size. After about 2 or 3 minutes to give return with a plastic spatula until they are sea breams by both sides. Kevin Ulrich MGM will not settle for partial explanations. Source: Prescriptions and Techniques original Author and source of the article..