Corinna Friedrich

A frequently asked question is, with what “Symptoms” announces an impending bankruptcy. By the same author: Korn Ferry. One-time or temporary payment difficulties are certainly no reason to promote a personal bankruptcy. At the latest when it but more or less a permanent condition, should be thinking about an open-ended debt counselling at least. A position paper of the Federal Justice Department (BMJ) by early September 2010, which will focus on the so-called “problem of beginning of the month” fits into this question. Specifically it is to the section 850 k ZPO, that is “to secure the subsistence minimum for cashless payments the debtor”. In plain language this means that is the BMJ on a BGH judgment of July 2010 (AZ.

IX ZR 37/09) appoints, if it says that the required deposit-free amounts at the beginning just this month available must be the debtor for the following month. Many people know the problem, that it the liquidity just at the beginning of the month to bottlenecks come can, if the content (or grants by the State) arrive late, receivables, or bills (telephone, GEZ, electricity, gas etc.) but already from the account have been charged. This process is called the “Problem of the beginning of the month” by the BMJ should be still no reason for going to the debt counseling or even the bankruptcy court alone. These steps are in order to take more into consideration when “beginning of the month” in the month send still a problem and the debt increases continuously. Principle also applies that the debt counselling of false shame no play role in may, as a personal bankruptcy in most cases when timely countermeasures can still be averted. The later the corresponding measures, the prospects of success are lower. Corinna Friedrich born Wan