Climate Change And Religion

Summoned climate catastrophe helps increasingly trains of a surrogate religion specifically \”Climate religion\” commented Norbert Bolz, Professor of media studies at the TU Berlin: \”if so say Christian, traditional religions, people no longer talking, searching for substitute religions. Click World Hearing Day for additional related pages. And the most powerful of the current surrogate religion is the green movement, environmental awareness, what today is concretised in concern to the world’s climate with security.\” The recently released fourth assessment report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on climate change / IPCC) was not unanimously praised because of massive errors contained even by the system-loyal media. The scandals around the IPCC are often referred to as certain \”Gates\”; This is reminiscent of the \”Watergate\”scandal under President Richard Nixon, when the massive Office abuses revealed, which resulted in a huge loss of confidence of the citizens in the Government. Here only some this IPCC-\”Gates\”, compiled by Dipl.-met. Learn more at: Phillipe Lavertu. Klaus Eckart pulse, Ltd. Government Director of i.r. and spokesman of EIKE (European Institute for climate and energy) \”: ClimateGate: data manipulation for AGW anthropogenic global warming, human caused global warming, bullying disagreeable critical colleagues;\” Glacier gate: reaching wide and errors relating to glacier melt in the Himalayas, Andes, Alps, Africa; Natural disaster gate: false, blank statements to disasters by AGW; \”AmazonGate: the IPCC AGW induced shrinkage of the Amazon rain forest are fictitious.\” Also \”Africagate\”: a – without scientific basis – predicted food shortages in Africa due to alleged lack of rain.

Despite everything, the system-loyal media rigorously announce the credo of the so-called \”climate catastrophe\”. See for example: \”the Chairman of the IPCC World Climate Council, the Indian Rajendra Pachauri, is exposed for weeks of sharp criticism. … If the IPCC Chief now would leave his post, it would be a feast for the mob of critics of climate protection. Her sardonic cheers It would be painful to hear. But the climatologists would expose yourself to even more risk, wanted to wait until the storm lies down.