But Johanna

Johanna tells me that it takes about 1000 years until such a structure in the Falkensteiner cave, it reaches the length of one metre. This is different from cave to cave and depends of the temperature, the amount of precipitation and the lime content of the water. Filed under: Sir Terry Farrell. But also an ice age can stop the growth, because now there is no water dripping more. Stalagmites and stalactites grow only in warm phases. “A baumstarker and long stalactites and stalagmites at the bottom, is located at the end of the waterfall track the caves be drivers crocodile” have baptized. In fact resembles his furrowed surface of the lizard skin. Then comes the hardest part of our excursion, the clay walls. Among us, I hear how the cave stream invisible gurgles and see the light the lamp of caves on a high collapse, which is covered with a thick layer of clay.

Rounded and shiny smooth modeled by the water the obstacle before us builds up like a gigantic sculpture. Again, ropes with loops for hands and feet help the climbing of the obstacle. An interesting variant is the next bottleneck by shipping fall column. Here you can best be tackled effectively, in which you progress through meanders on the belly with the head, but here, too, the way is not far away. While the feet still on the one hand fidget, head and breast on the other side are out.

Now we are in so-called Fuchsbau”penetrated the us again a strenuous and requires some dangerous Turnerei the rock pieces broken out from the ceiling and side walls. Here is requires absolute sure-footedness. Finally, Julian says a Rast. 2 1/2 hours we are now on the move and have brought only half of the distance to our destination, the second trap, behind us. But Johanna reassured us so that the section is now fast forward go up there.