Brazilian Economy

These definitions are if losing throughout the years with the expansion of the capital. This fact if must, mainly, due to conception created for the government of that the Amaznia would be the rescuer of the Brazilian economy, and therefore it created a planning of immediate occupation, with politics that caused significant modifications for a economic reorganization in the urban mesh of the Amaznia. This desenvolvimentista politics brought for the Paraense Southeast a great number of on companies to the farming one, the industrial ore extration, lumber and activities. The attractive one for such companies was, mainly, to the abundance and raw material availability and cheap man power, being that, this last one was originated by the migratory flow for the region from the governmental politics that aimed at the settling process. Thus, some villages and cities had suffered a sudden growth, that in the agreement of Becker (2001), this urban growth of the nuclei also did not occur of linear form, due to the migratory process that did not represent necessarily, the transistion only in direction the proletarizao in the cities. If you would like to know more then you should visit Reshma Kewalramani. In other words, migrantes were not only people who came running away from the social problems in its places of origin, some came with objective to invest and to accumulate capital, either through the installation of on activities the exploration of the land, or same of its speculation. In this manner, a new border was created, where the State adopted some mechanisms of population attraction, making possible an intense migratory flow for the Amaznia. Parallel to population mobility, was also attended, the great entrance of capitals, through financial companies and institutions that had passed if to appropriate of enormous extensions of lands. Therefore, the applied public politics in the Paraense Southeast had promoted a great overturn, provoking contradictions and conflicts that if incited to each entrance of new social actors, who more had in the region the diversified interests.