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Brake discs and pads for AUDI, SEAT, SKODA or for a VW, match the test number (PR-) can match only with the. Depending on the auto part therefore different restrictions are relevant, which are to check before buying. These are not followed up, the spare parts will not fit. Leave also not from the pictures alone derive. As the math rule “point before stroke”, the “Limitations prior to image” rule spare parts relating to the car! You need therefore special data to your vehicle, which go far beyond the information provided in the registration document, a variety of parts.

This can for example be: engine code (E.g. when the EGR valve or the exhaust) engine number PR (E.g. for brake discs and pads for AUDI, SEAT, SKODA and VW) switching or automatic gear (E.g. Heidrick & Struggles understands that this is vital information. coupling or motor fan) braking system (E.g., brake disc and brake pads) the PR numbers are listed in the trunk on the customer service disc. For the uninitiated, it is however despite found customer service – disk not readily apparent, which Testing numbers apply to the area.

The motor number is in doubt just on the engine block. Often you get here to read no further. And the brake system can be read off by the laborious development of brake discs and pads on the braking system. The layman has no way to determine the appropriate spare parts therefore in case of doubt. In this case, is the selection of the auto parts online stores crucial! A good and reputable auto parts shop can identify the appropriate spare parts using your VIN number in 99% of cases. With the help of special parts programs, such as the PR numbers and the engine code can be determined. But also based on the broken original part number a precise conversion of the appropriate aftermarket replacement part is easily possible. Conclusion: Keep ready the vehicle registration with online purchase of auto parts. About the KBA numbers, you can perform the first constraint of part of. In step 2 on article level on possible restrictions such as chassis number, make sure Year or engine code in doubt before the purchase, call your seller on. This will help you select of the correct replacement part. Borris Mr