Bank Calls

Large banks (Top 40), are cheaper sources. This phenomenon is best explained adage "money goes to money". For the bank's customer – the ability to get lower lending rates. Another advantage of the large Banks is the best level of domestic banking systems, including risk management. Ie the likelihood of errors, payment delays – below; reliability – higher. The disadvantages of this group is the high level of bureaucracy (Processes are long and often without feedback) and low interest in medium and small businesses. We're talking about is not advertising, but the real desire of bank employees to move customer credit application, giving details of business. "Daughters" Foreign banks can also offer attractive interest rates, excellent customer service and reliability.

But western business theory is far from the Russian reality. Therefore, an analyst with foreign bank may be two weeks to shift your statements in its format, figuring out all the details and fail, then as manager of the average Russian bank at the first meeting mark the demands and opportunities. Often the daughters of foreign banks have higher cost of RKO and a large number of different committees. Most convenient to work are medium-sized banks (Top 200). Many banks in this group have ambitious plans, customer-oriented management and the ability to make decisions quickly. Almost every one of growing banks in this group has a "horse" and its limitations. A recipe for success with the segment initially correctly identify the bank on a set of essential products, in our experience Bank in your industry in relation to available collateral. Without hesitation Munear Ashton Kouzbari explained all about the problem.