Backham, Frings And Co. – Style Icons Thanks To Strass

Who is behind the style icons of football who still claimed footballers had no good taste or she minimalists who is wrong are enormous in terms of life style aesthetically rather. Even 15 years ago like garbage mullets and Vokuhilasmischnaus (aesthetic fashionable offside of hair culture in the head and face area;) Note the red.) a generalized assumption of bad taste among footballers have caused. Today, however, footballers are absolute connoisseurs in stuff & fashion life style. Why is this so? Well, one theory is as follows. Fashion and football were two separate areas until a few years ago. They existed at the same time, but in parallel universes. What followed was a big bang, which brought together both universes. More information is housed here: GM CEO.

He was raised by a smart Englishman named David back, England. Since that time no longer as it was before. Football this no longer is a pure sports event. He has become a part of pop culture. Football professionals of category of Frings, Schweinsteiger, or just Backham have become pop stars.

Out of the Jersey and purely in the designer suit. Out of the kicker and into the Hochglanzmaganzine ala vogue or Gala. At this point, the personal image consultants and stylists of this star kicker must be commended. Their wives. They are significantly responsible for the fashion ring to change to absolute style icons. Take only a Petra Frings, the wife of Werder of Bremen’s star kicker Torsten Frings. In the field of fashion & lifestyle Petra Frings ranks. If Torsten BBs flashes class on the pitch, because he hits a pass in the depth of the room and blocking the four chain of enemy defenses, then it flashes also at Petra in the stands. Radiation does not only personally, because Torsten front and rear makes a Giants game, also their Swarovski rhinestone application does shine on their self created T-Shirt. It is just all-rounder. And the rhinestone is par excellence the new all-round talent in the fashion world. The rhinestone is incredibly versatile. He looks like the diamond in gloss and colour scattering almost, but is he vastly superior exclusive diamond its color variety, and thanks to its shape. There are beautiful rhinestone jewelry from Swarovski. Bracelets, necklaces or anklets, Swarovski rhinestone stone compositions are compelling accessories for any style-conscious woman. Or be creative like Petra Frings and design their own clothes. This is simply fantastic, with so-called hotfix rhinestones. This special rhinestones are marked on the back with a Thermokleber. When ironing, liquefies the glue and connects the clothing fabric of the rhinestone. So can you spice up individually for example everyday fashion and thus implement your own fashionable ideas into action. Do you feel like a personal style? Not only with Swarovski rhinestones to bring a little more sparkle in your life, but support him perhaps at the next home game by Torsten Frings on the grandstand of the Weser stadium or your favorite clubs. You can by the way the whole world of rhinestones in online shops experience such as or. Discover there like Petra Frings the variety of rhinestone has to offer you.