All the women we like to enhance or hide parts of our body. The best fashion and beauty tips are reduced in five simple points that will help you get you game for wardrobe. What do I look taller? One of the problems is that many women want to look taller, but not discouraged, there are many tricks for styling your figure. The first trick beauty and fashion is: a Use a straight-legged trousers. a Wear skirts and trousers with vertical lines to visually lengthen legs. a Use single color dresses or suits, we stylize the figure.

a The use of high heels is an old trick but Amuy functional! a We must not use large pictures, as we widen the figure to give volume. Rashida Jones gathered all the information. a Also avoid wide leg pants. What enhances my chest? a Use shirts with ruffles or decorations in the chest area, that increase the volume. a We can use many collars thus creating volume in the area. a The dresses with cutouts below the breast also be appropriate. a necks or oval box-type closed, we will further enhance the open necklines.

a Use a good bra, you can also try the "push-up" are very useful. How do I hide? a Avoid carrying very light colors, dark colors we chose to stylize and add volume. a solid colors are more flattering.