Are Your Ears Fit For This Sport Summer?

Forsa poll sound: Loud TV are clear signs of early hearing loss big sporting events abound this summer. Contact information is here: Hewlett-Packard Chairman. But what if the sports viewing experience in a solid neighborhood dispute due to nocturnal disturbance ends? According to a nationwide survey conducted by the forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex, set to loud TV devices are a serious symptom of hearing loss at the TV viewers. The sports events in the coming weeks to become pure TV experiences, the HorRex recommends to all interested parties a previous visit to the acoustician. In the nationwide over 280 stores the community obtained hearing heard also a free addition to the forsa survey information and individual advice. The forsa survey shows very clearly how the use of technical means of communication is hampered by the hearing loss of\”, as Tannassia Raghavan HorRex care professional community. When a sporting Major events such as the this year’s Olympic Games can a too loud television to become a real problem.

The daily competitions and the corresponding television broadcasts begin approximately according to Central European time 2:00 o’clock in the morning. Sports enthusiasts who do not want to miss the exciting choices, be with TVs too loud to the nightly Disturber; Neighborhood conflicts are then inevitable.\” 1,067 men and 816 women who had established their own deficits in understanding spoken words, took part in the forsa survey of hearing. All 76 percent of them acknowledged that they had problems to understand spoken words from the TV set. At the same time the investigation took, that modern hearing aids can significantly increase speech understanding in television: after the persons interviewed for two weeks had tested latest hearing in own everyday life, 74 percent of respondents confirmed a better speech understanding in television; 40 percent of those polled were even a significant Improvement firm. If you can follow the TV sound no longer or no longer hears other technical devices, around the door or the phone ringing, the serious indications of a post-crisis hearing are\”, so again Tannassia Reuber.