Andrew Lloyd Webber

The acting talent can itself offers little save an acting talent has different ways to bring his talent among the people. SOAP, cinema or theater. Official site: Melinda Gates. Scarlett Johansson is considered to be one of the biggest talents in Hollywood. She is a beautiful woman and she is very talented. Now, she has taken the chance to snag a role in a Lloyd Webber musical. But is this really what? Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Maestro of all musicals, was totally amazed when he was heard singing along to the young actress.

He offered to direct a role her in his new musical the sound of music. Johansson probably had an epiphany, because on this day, she practiced at a hotel in LA. Right there, she heard the Maestro. The zealous lost in translation star is to take over the leading role in the musical. She has a natural charisma. The right choice for this role. But the musical rendezvous ended quickly.

Scarlett Johansson had to deflect this roles offer unfortunately because she should have a too-busy schedule. The Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical master told the Britain’s heat Magazine: “a good voice you really has. She’s terrific, a natural star for the musical. “Scarlett Johansson can’t complain. She looks good and her career is going swimmingly. You have to have luck.