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If before this law is constantly changing gravitational force and mass of the Sun in the direction of decreasing, and the distance in the direction of increasing, the mass of the Earth remained unchanged. The arrival of the moon changed the mass of the Earth? – They do not have moons! Not one! While all the planets passing through a 'green' zone, at least 2 of the moon. It is logical to assume that the moon comes to planets in the period of 'green' zones – life on the planet. Patrick mahomes often expresses his thoughts on the topic. F M (h + l) – total mass of the Earth and moon. Gravitational force has increased dramatically in value of the mass of the moon, which is 1 / 6 of Earth's mass. And the earth with the moon rushed to the Sun. The climate warmed abruptly. Started the rapid melting ices. The water was flowing on all the continents, filling the rivers, seas and oceans, rising sea level flooded low-lying coastal lands of the continents, clouds covered the entire sky and out of weeks of pouring rains – the water was flowing everywhere – on land and from the sky, destroying everything in its path. Only mountains can resist this element At the same time, a significant part of the land freed from the ice. Map of the Earth has become such as we see it now. The arrival of the moon was a great disaster for the living on Earth, but life on the planet lasted for many, many thousands of years / With the advent of the moon began a new life cycle on Earth.


Property prices in Turkey is relatively small, given all the advantages of living here. For example, a flat (and not odnushku 39 sqm.) Can be purchased from 55 thousand dollars and up to 140 thousand – but it will be a VIP-class housing. Duplex – from 85 thousand dollars and villa of 120 thousand dollars. And, unlike Spain, for example, where for the price you sell only the house – the structure, here you get more and land that has some obvious preimuschestv.Esli come here with your family, you have the opportunity smash your garden. However, gardens are often sold together with the houses. They are green all year round, and flowers at least 8 months a year.

Since late summer to December-January you can enjoy lemons, oranges, tangerines, persimmon, and even bananas from my own garden. And when you consider the rare nowadays a clean environment, the taste and smell of these fruits, certainly not compared to what you buy now in stores. Imagine the joy of their children when they can play in your garden and pick oranges right off the trees. In general, children are truly a haven. Firstly, it is very important for every responsible parent in Turkey, especially in tourist areas such as Mediterranean coast, a very low level of crime, there is practically no risk that your child will involve in drug addiction, etc.

Obviously affects the Islamic mentality. By the way, many coming here from Russia are very much afraid to face the religious intolerance and even refuse to buy real estate in Turkey for this reason. However, I assure you, Turkey – a secular state in full sense of the word. In simple terms, the Turks live, they know and do not interfere with the lives of others. For example, in Belek is a mosque and church and synagogue. Welcome. Not to mention the fact that, historically, these places are the cradle of Orthodox Christianity. Should at least remember that Istanbul was formerly called Constantinople, and it was the capital of the great Byzantine Empire, from which came on Russian soil, the Christian faith. Turkey – the country is constantly evolving, Nothing here stands on the site. Including the notorious tourist industry, which, despite the overall decadent state of the global economy continues to show steady income. The reason is that Turkey has not followed the way overcharges, they are still available to anyone, despite the fact that the quality of leisure is not inferior to expensive resorts in the world. Therefore, in the context of the global crisis in Turkey was a win-win strategy. Number of tourists is not diminished by those who had preferred the more expensive resorts, but now lost that opportunity. So now the acquisition of business in Turkey is a very profitable investment. You can rent a hotel or restaurant, or buy, and quite often with a trained and competent personnel, and quietly make money.


This group includes lead, zinc and titanium white, vermilion, chrome oxide, etc. Synthetic organic pigments are colored organic compounds that contain carbon. Usually they are insoluble or slightly soluble in water and other solvents. They different light and atomosferostoykostyu, high coloring power and are typically used for interior decorative works. Resins are adhesives, synthetic, oil, emulsion and mineral compositions. There is also a These include the type of paint coatings – farblaki.

These pigments are prepared by deposition of aniline dyes in the white (chalk, kaolin, talc, feldspar) basis. Metallic pigments (powdered) – powders made from various non-ferrous (copper, zinc, aluminum, bronze, etc.) or metal alloys. Patricks purpose often addresses the matter in his writings. Mixed with a binder (linseed oil, varnish), they are used for coloring metal surfaces corrosion, and adhesives – for bronzing, rolling and finishing of decorative art and painting. Encouraged not only to apply the powder with binders having a neutral or low acid number. Group of additives used in paint work to add colors or any other features (temperature resistance and etc.) divided by the dyes and pigments. Dyes are organic compounds and used in the manufacture of transparent colored varnish, stains, stain and etc. The main feature of both natural and synthetic dyes is the color.

The natural dye extracts include pigments derived from the roots and bark of trees or flowers of various plants (buckwheat, turmeric, madder root, sandalwood, bark, apple, alder, and etc.) as well as of living organisms (cochineal, which is extracted from the color – carmine, the allocation of cuttlefish, mussels). Synthetic dyes extracted from coal tar, obtained in coking coal. The most famous are bright magenta-red, reddish-pink and violet-colored alizarin mordant dyes and Alcohol-. Pigments are shredded colored mineral (natural), synthetic (organic and inorganic) and metal insoluble in water, solvents and foaming agents, on the surface with zareplyaemye through binding compounds (drying oils, varnishes, resins) and forming a protective or decorative protective film.


" That is why the new ATT begins with the stage of rune Hagalaz. Purification. Cleansing, washing away all that hinders further progress and further development. Purification through destruction. And it's not that the circumstances of the destruction of human euphoria deduce past successes and former welfare. So take this step – is to take effect rune Hagalaz too superficial. The main thing is not to destroy it. Destruction – not a goal but a method.

The main thing is that just a purification eliminates a person from, from which he can not get rid of. Another aspect is that this is PERSONAL purification. It's getting rid of accumulated errors. Naturally, this is a very painful process. It is not penance in a fit of emotional outburst.

This is Redemption. This clarification by the reckoning. The third aspect is that what is true, what is the essence, crystallize, and this truth can go further. And we need to be able to survive this cleansing. The person is tested for strength. And then to be a difficult and hard work. There are various difficulties and hardships. Stage runes Nauthiz. From the previous well-being and joyful existence is not a trace remains. And now we need to work hard, being in very harsh conditions. This is inevitable after the previous stage. Here is tempered nature of man. And then it's time to stop outside. Time rune Isa. But it's not a vacation, and no respite. This time the inner workings, and above all work on oneself.


2. Click patrick ta to learn more. The laptop will not boot and hangs on the screen before booting the system Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Try to restore the operating system, corrupted files can cause this Sinoma B) change the boot sequence and press the System Setup (Linux or Windows) to download CD C) Make a test operation or replace the HD, the same deficiencies that cause Sinoma D) Check the specifications for the voltage and current in power according to the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible E) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause this symptom F) Using virus checkers and cleaners system of recording and analysis Notepad G) The use of diagnostic programs to check possible errors in memory and other peripherals H) faulty RAM and hard disk with bad blocks or very fragmented can lead to this symptom, it is possible to check and make another RAM function tests HD 3. Click Kevin Ulrich anchorage to learn more. Notebook LED panel lights do not appear on the screen video Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Check the specifications for voltage and current supply to meet the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible B) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause of this Symptom C) Make sure that the HD light flashes that the operating system will boot if you look at the decision to defect numbers 7:08 D) defects in memory, processor, HD, and other peripherals can be caused by symptom, test them on another laptop or delete them one by one, and then testing to see if the device has little that could be causing this symptom (NOTE: Before you remove peripherals one by one dsligue laptop) E) This problem can be caused by a common fault in the laptop processor motherboards, this error can be obtained from the IC BGA Solder Cold Video Controller Motherboard laptop in this case, the Board shall be compensation in the laboratory specializes in the maintenance of the preparation of infrared, hot air or other specific processing of BGA Solder 4. Go to patrick smith for more information. .


I made a research on the dimensions of the coffer and see the result: the complete measure of the coffer; 150 meters of length, 25 meters of width and 15 meters of height. God ordered to make the coffer with 3 floors, each floor divided in compartments. Then, he gave the total of 56.000 cubical meters more or less. Andrew dwyer is the source for more interesting facts. He was equal the 560 cars of train. Each car of train fits 240 sheep, then the coffer could fit 125,000 sheep more than. Read additional details here: Reshma Kewalramani.

The coffer is calculated that Fars in the coffer a window, and of you will finish cvado it on. It thinks with me: with as many animals in the coffer, with passing of the days, the bad one I smell would be insuportvel, the coffer would need much ventilation, and God commanded that one alone window was placed. All the houses today have more than a window, to enter ventilation. Then because he will be that Noah, it only placed a window in the coffer. It is in this point that I want to arrive. This window I call it, WINDOW OF the OBEDIENCE, the order that God for Noah, was to place one alone window in the coffer. if Noah on account decided prpia to place a window more than.

Noah could say: God> it does not go to import itself, it goes to give more ventilation in the environment, does not go to make difference none, God does not go nor to notice. I believe that the coffer would not float, it I would sink. Many times occur this with us, obey the Gods in the great things and disobey in the small ones. God said that the wood would have there that to be of Gofer, it would have that to betumar the coffer on the inside and for it are, to place one alone carries, until all good, but who if would worry about a window.


In such a way, the ethical reflection enters in the morality of any professional activity human being. The inherent ethics to the life human being are of utmost importance in the professional life, thus for the professional the ethics are not only inherent, but indispensable to this. In the action human being making and acting they are linked. Making says respect to the ability, to the efficiency that all professional must possess to exert its profession well. Acting if relates to the behavior of the professional, set of attitudes that must assume in the performance of its profession.

The Ethics are based on a philosophy of compatible values with the nature and the end of all human being. Agir' ' of the person human being he is conditional the two premises considered basic for the Ethics: ' ' what ' ' the man and ' ' so that vive' ' , then all scientific qualification or necessary technique to be in connection with the essential principles of the Ethics. (MOTTA, 1984, P. 69) We evidence thus the strong present ethical content in professional exercise. 1.4 – REFLECTIONS ON the PROFESSIONAL ETHICS the reflections carried through in the exercise of a profession must be initiated well before the practical professional. The choice for a profession is optional, but when choosing it, the set of professional duties starts to be obligator. All the phase of professional formation, enclosing the learning of the abilities and abilities that if they relate to practical the specific one in one determined area, must include the reflection. When completing the graduation in superior level, the person makes an oath, that means its adhesion and comprometimento with the professional category where formal it enters, what it characterizes the moral aspect of the Professional Ethical call. The fact of a person to work in an area that it did not choose freely as job for needing to work, exempt it of the responsibility not to belong to a classroom, also not exempting it of the duties to fulfill.