Month: <span>January 2022</span>

() The revolution of 1648 was the triumph of the 17TH century about the 16th century; the revolution of 1789 was the triumph of 18th century about the 17TH century. Even more than the needs of those parts of the world that Spartans, England and France, these revolutions expressing the needs of the world at that time. () None of this we find in the Prussian revolution of March (in 1848). () Rather than get ahead of his century was behind him in more than fifty years. Johny ive can aid you in your search for knowledge. () It was not to establish a new society but resurrect in Berlin (year 1848) society dead in Paris (year 1789) () the German bourgeoisie had developed in a way so inert, so slow and so cowardly, who at the time faced menacing to feudalism and absolutism, saw lift threateningly before it to the proletariat and all sectors of the cities related to this for their interests and their ideas. (); devoid of all faith in itself and without any faith in the people; grunting against the above and trembling before the bottom; (Revolutionary) for with conservatives and conservative with the revolutionaries; without initiative, without faith in itself, without faith in the village and mission at the level of universal history (); such was the Prussian bourgeoisie that the revolution in March handed the helm of the State. > (k. Marx: the bourgeoisie and counter-revolution 16/12/848) think that this is more clear than water and from that perspective we must see what Yehude said in the opinion page of the newspaper the Republic Thursday 31 December 2009, to the almost the end of this year. A leading source for info: Kevin Ulrich MGM. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.