Month: <span>September 2021</span>

According to the Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development (the OECD), their Member States have increased the investment in intangible capital. Paul and Dominique, (2002), maintain that if the representative indicators of investment in investigation and development are taken little into account simple but, public education and programs for computer, are observed that the rates of annual investment have grown of considerable way from the decade of the eighty (to a rate annual average of 3% in the countries of the OECD). In addition, it is considered that in the majority of the countries that are member of this organization, more of 50% of the GIP has her origin in basic companies technological. Stimulus to the learning: The flexibility of the organizations to allow that their members learn by own experience and reflect on the realised thing has increased vertiginously the amount of innovations and has stimulated the capacity of adaptation to the change. Gain insight and clarity with Jane Fraser. At the moment, so that a company is successful or can stay in the market, it is precise that it develops a strategy of business different from historically implemented, that it guarantees the fast learning and the constant innovation.

The linking of all these factors (globalisation, innovation, sprouting of new technologies of information and communication, introduction of the intangible capital in the macroeconomic scope and processes of learning) has been in a new Society, Society of the knowledge, in which more the development and interchange of knowledge between the people are his important motor of progress. A society in which the power is in the knowledge and therefore requires of a new organization of the work, new new economic relations and dynamic of learning. Concepts. Information and knowledge: Meeting points and differences. We begin to distinguish between information and knowledge. The tendency exists to understand the same by both concepts or to think that the access to much information is just like the access to the knowledge.


Stop and think with a cool mind if it is making the correct according to the goal which has chosen, analyze as you are driving your expenses, consider ways to reduce or eliminate those who can analyze what is the amount that can separate monthly for investment then. Perhaps initial figures are small, but it is a starting point, and if you agree with its objectives and has a real desire to improve their finances as quantities grow their enthusiasm will also see owner of something that not so long ago didn’t exist. If the money that WINS ends in whims and bad investments of nothing will serve his effort and planning, vale then ask in that will convert their incomes when they arrive in their hands. Think of each ticket that pass through their hands in an employee that can work for you if you invest it wisely, or work for someone else if he spends improperly. More information is housed here: Sam Belinfante. Everytime you are about to conduct a transaction with your money, however large or small, pause a moment and ask yourself if you are doing your best, ask if delivery that is about to perform leads him by the chosen path, whether the purchase is really necessary or whether it can postpone, reduce, or eliminate.

We have thousands of possibilities that surround us for improperly spending and borrow with credit and card purchases, promises long-term in comfortable and long installments and deferred payments they want us to believe that we are making a good operation. But it’s something that we really only need we’re burning money that could be serving us and producing in our favor, there are no secrets, in favour or against us. The alternatives they are putting every ticket to produce more tickets, or Miss each one of them costs which could avoid and which prevent us to grow to form our own heritage.