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If someone has received God's gift of being able to play the flute with his ass to call immediately. If you're the type of people who, after dinner, in the afternoon with family and friends after the third shot after carajillo, they will tear bulerias or dance or tell jokes you start to laugh is departing from colleagues being the soul the party does not mean you can sing well or have grace your jokes, it means that your friends are a dull and that in the next four hours you can not drive. Do not ridicule Caballero. Do not make the prime. Not be used as bait to mix it up. Worthless. To be laughed at her mother.

Not denigrate work more in television quality. Avoid being an accomplice to it. Do not give them the pleasure of being laughed at you. I do not care if your cousin says that imitates well Calzada Chiquito farts or if the burner flame throwers and flash half a meter away. I really interested. I sympathize with all those who have come out yesterday in the latest program, have passed the final or not. I sympathize with all those who yesterday were subjected to public ridicule in prime time, with those who were told "you are not worth" to publicly humiliate them in front in Spain, rather than in a private test should be.

He left a fat kid singing (if you can call it singing) I doubt I can go to school after kings, without being laughed at him. The ten year olds can sometimes be very cruel and some, less bastards I sympathize with those who did not leave or finish their performance, the magician father which was cut trick to ridicule in front of her daughter crying the public. That is not done. You can not tell a person who just sung (like the ass, of course) their behavior is an insult and disrespectful … very strong. In short I sympathize with all those who will not be able to leave home for a year of public embarrassment that have made them happen. Perhaps it was avoidable because we are all people and it is time we change the idea of television in this country, because otherwise, we will never be a truly civilized country. That yes, in choosing not to carry the dead guilty to television, because such programs are often the most views. It is time for both viewers and consumers begin to make self-criticism. Perhaps the fault is ours to consume.


Carlos Mora Vanegas is our duty while we remain alive in this physical dimension, pay attention to our growth, optimally use our potential, creativity, give you step to the necessary innovations that lead us to results they favor us, properly handle our attitudes. Very little attention lends many to the role of attitudes to its scope, implications for our growth, behavior, achievements. It is very important for our growth be fully identified with the scope, implications that legan us attitudes, ad more than consider its content that involves that these are predispositions to respond in a certain way with favorable or unfavorable reactions towards something. Integrate them opinions or beliefs, feelings and behaviours, factors which in turn intertwine among themselves. Opinions are ideas that one has on a topic and have no sustain in an information objectively. For its part, the feelings are emotional reactions that occur before an object, subject or social group. Finally, the behaviors are trends to behave according to opinions or feelings. Attitudes oriented acts if the influences external to what he says or does have a minimum incidence.

Also orientate them if the attitude has a specific relationship with the conduct, despite which the evidence confirms that, sometimes, the process is usually reverse and acts do not correspond, you experience a tension which is called cognitive dissonance.( for its part, Wikipedia points us, that American Reynaldo Ordonez, defined attitude as a State of nervous and mental disposition, organized through experience, that exerts a dynamic or guiding influence on the answers that an individual gives to all objects and situations that relates. In this sense, can be considered the attitude as some form of social motivation – in nature, therefore, secondary, against the biological motivation for primary type – which promotes and guides the action towards specific objectives and goals. Eiser defines the attitude in the following way: predisposition learned to respond in a consistent manner to a social object.


Instead of collecting data and derive a general conclusion, the deductive reasoning starts at the other end. It starts with a generalization of affirmations positive and negative older assertions – that we accept as true; We then apply this idea to a specific case statements juvenile – and deduction is obvious. In this process, the subconscious mind simply accepts claims and decrees – regardless of whether you are certain or false – and reaches certain conclusions based on such assertions. It is important to note that the two types of reasoning have a great disadvantage and is that the validity of deduction or conclusion which can be reached depends on decrees and affirmations is based are true or false. In general terms, the deductive process begins with positive and negative statements that our mind uses to derive a conclusion.

The statements are known as premises that may be false or true. You may want to visit Cristiano Ronaldo to increase your knowledge. Also two premises can be greater and the other minor, and a conclusion derived from the two. This is known in the field of logic known as a syllogism. An example is: major premise: all dogs are mammals. Minor premise: the German shepherd dog is a type of dog.

Conclusion: The German shepherd dog is a mammal. There has been a process of rational thinking to arrive at this conclusion. This is simply the logical deduction from these two premises. So how it works our subconscious. Unfortunately, many of the assumptions or statements under which operates are false beliefs that we have received from the outside world. And what we must do is to reprogram our minds with positive affirmations that will lead to an optimal level of belief. For which I recommend that you visit that you can receive more information that will help you in your personal growth. Original author and source of the article


Nothing material we can’t take when we leave this physical world, this life that has been provided us temporarily, otherwise, what we get are our good deeds, everything that we have learned, experienced in favour of our growth, cultivation of our spirit, that endorse us that we learned about the opportunity of life that you gave us, within a defined timethat we never handled nor know when completed. On this occasion, we share some thoughts which are transformed into dynamic stimuli that trigger attention, being awake and not neglect our growth. Fortunately, some who were able to identify with the importance which is share, collaborate in everything that helps us grow, legan us their experiences, thoughts, experiences, where us corresponds to each according to our level, taking into account the message that encloses and favouring us is our growth. About your true being, the master Zen Seung Sahn said in a chance: thank you very much for coming today. But what is What has brought your body here? Has it been your mind? What is the mind? Where are you? What is its size? Mind is not mind. Learn more at this site: Micky Pant. A mountain not proclaims, I am a mountain! A river does not say, I am a river! All names and forms are created by thought. So, mind is not mind. Click angel tang to learn more.

All things have name and shape. Names and shapes come from vacuum. So, form is empty, emptiness is form. When you’re thinking, your mind, my mind, and the minds of all people are different. If you cut every thought, your mind, my mind, and the minds of all people are the same. The mind which turns every thought is true empty mind. True empty mind is earlier than thought.

Your substance is before thinking. Your substance is the universal substance. Before you think there are no words or language. There is no God, or Buddha, or mountain, or river, nothing at all.


Johanna tells me that it takes about 1000 years until such a structure in the Falkensteiner cave, it reaches the length of one metre. This is different from cave to cave and depends of the temperature, the amount of precipitation and the lime content of the water. Filed under: Sir Terry Farrell. But also an ice age can stop the growth, because now there is no water dripping more. Stalagmites and stalactites grow only in warm phases. “A baumstarker and long stalactites and stalagmites at the bottom, is located at the end of the waterfall track the caves be drivers crocodile” have baptized. In fact resembles his furrowed surface of the lizard skin. Then comes the hardest part of our excursion, the clay walls. Among us, I hear how the cave stream invisible gurgles and see the light the lamp of caves on a high collapse, which is covered with a thick layer of clay.

Rounded and shiny smooth modeled by the water the obstacle before us builds up like a gigantic sculpture. Again, ropes with loops for hands and feet help the climbing of the obstacle. An interesting variant is the next bottleneck by shipping fall column. Here you can best be tackled effectively, in which you progress through meanders on the belly with the head, but here, too, the way is not far away. While the feet still on the one hand fidget, head and breast on the other side are out.

Now we are in so-called Fuchsbau”penetrated the us again a strenuous and requires some dangerous Turnerei the rock pieces broken out from the ceiling and side walls. Here is requires absolute sure-footedness. Finally, Julian says a Rast. 2 1/2 hours we are now on the move and have brought only half of the distance to our destination, the second trap, behind us. But Johanna reassured us so that the section is now fast forward go up there.


Beautiful bone jewelry, based on the Maori culture the bone carving, so the bone carving, is a very old art form of jewellery. Deeply rooted is this art in the culture of New Zealand indigenous people, the Maori. They carved their jewelry from the bones of whales that were stranded and died on its beaches. Today, the people of Maori tradition in this jewelry, carvings also kept called. However is in modern times most of the bones of cattle otherwise the huge need for souvenirs for tourists would be used, not to cover. Read more from Sam Belinfante to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But also many European shops and online stores now offer the drawn up after Maori jewellery from bones of cattle and water buffalo. The bone jewelry takes a beautiful shade that is reminiscent of honey, after some wear. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Frank Gehry.

The Maori form a unit with the carving. The Maori are the various carvings of symbolic importance, they are based on their culture and their legends. The most famous symbol is “Hei Matau”, the hook. After an old legend,. fished the progenitor of the Maori called Maui, the North Island of New Zealand from the ocean, with a fishing hook. Hei Matau is Maori for the journey across the water for peace, strength and prosperity.

“Koru” symbolizes new beginning, growth, harmony, and future. Koru is a fern leaf, which grade goes up. “Twist” looks like an ubernander crossed eight and stands for friendship and ever lasting love. The most important for the Maori carving is “Manaia”, a human body, with the head of a bird. Usually, this symbol has three fingers that stand for birth, life and death. Sometimes, Manaia has a fourth finger, which stands for life after death. These various meanings make the jewelry also for Europeans so attractive, besides, he looks simply beautiful. SID Kroker


Conference in Shanghai discusses trends and solutions – chance for German companies for 110 years the United States was the largest producer of goods worldwide. This year, China will sit as the largest producer at the top. One-fifth of all products worldwide bears the label made in China”. But problems accompanied by the massive growth: China’s inefficient and obsolete equipment, as well as overcapacity make produzierenes commercial to a sector with high energy consumption. The green manufacturing China Conference “of the German Chamber of Commerce greater China in cooperation with Ringier, the Schweitzer industry and Chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce on November 18 in Shanghai discussed technologies, solutions, and opportunities for clean production in China.

The potential for improvement is great: the manufacturing sector in China on average consumes 15 to 20 per cent more energy per unit of output compared to the international average. In addition to a high pollution, the country struggles with at the same time Bottlenecks in the energy supply of industry. Companies need to adjust their production due to lack of power, some for days. The people’s Republic has therefore great efforts on the road to a clean production. Already, the eleventh five-year plan (2006-2010) set the goal to reduce energy consumption in the production of goods in the gross domestic product to four percent annually, total by up to 20 percent in five years. These efforts are continued also in the twelfth five-year plan (2011-2015), which provides efficiency and eco-friendly products as key factors. Understand total the sector especially in relation to China’s exports to a change made in China’ designed in China – by focusing on resource-saving, high-quality productions, away from environmentally harmful products with high energy consumption. While Chinese companies due to lower CO2 emissions, less waste as well as long term resources save energy-efficient materials and technologies to increase their profits, offer new opportunities of China’s targets for foreign companies.


Although this article could have a philosophical tone, is actually quite practical. But up to you start working on what I say. Categorically tell you that if you want to be a leader all the time self-motivated and excel in your professional work, it is vitally important that you define what your mission and your vision of life. This will make you do things rash in the eyes of others will be more open to taking risks, you will be more creative, to develop more sense of perseverance, in short, a empower you. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tiger Woods on most websites. The mission is your purpose for being, the purpose of your existence. What do you intend to accomplish in your environment, what will you do, for whom are you going to do, how you will help make this world better.

Vision is the scenario which you are going, that is, how do you imagine that materialize your mission in life? How do you take to the real life? The vision will guide your decisions and strategic growth in you’re going to convert. To find your mission and vision of life, you will require thinking about it. John Denkinger oftentimes addresses this issue. Some ideas for you to find out what your reason for being a leader are the following: Detects what key skills you have. In what you feel you’re good and notes signs that people will recognize it. Analyze what you enjoy doing and that no one would even pay you for it. What is it that fills you with satisfaction every time you do it.


That has changed dramatically. In the course of the last 25 years has a process underway, the one with Quality rewrite can hand-in-hand with the knowledge of a healthy diet. Franco PERAZZO came to help a stroke of luck: the acquaintance with a professor at the University of Perugia a specialist in this area. Mid-1980s began to create the new olive grove then close Ascea. The composition of the Earth has been analysed in detail. The Pentolino, Frantoio and Leccino varieties were optimal for the soil. An irrigation system was installed and drainage laid. The mounting is done since purely biological.

So, the Perazzos the first prerequisite for a good quality of the fruits have a healthy stock of trees. Another aspect is the harvest. Franco and his wife Antonietta are now specialists: the olives are harvested and cold pressed the same day. You know neither too early nor too late even to the right time. All this guarantees the pure and exquisite taste of this olive oil is recognized as a health food. Franco PERAZZO, the excellent german speaks, offers his olive grove tours for tourists and passes to his knowledge of the olive cultivation. The excellent oil itself can be tasted after about eineinhalbstundiger, entertaining, and informative tour.

Healthy by olive oil in the Cilento, Mediterranean cooking olive oil promised already in ancient times, to prolong life. Decades of research have now convincingly demonstrated that the intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which occur in olive oil, lead to a lowering of cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure and susceptibility to heart disease. In addition, studies show the health-promoting effect on the stomach and liver, as well as the positive impact on the growth of children. In addition to the preparation of many Cilento delicacies, such as for example Caprese after Pisciotta – type or artichokes stuffed with tuna, olive oil with its gustatory diversity can add value to virtually every dish.


Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will speak envelope to you how to easily undertake in Internet and, mainly at present very important for entrepreneurs and industralists whom just they initiate. If you do not know my name me is Enrique Gastelo and I dedicate myself to make Marketing by Internet, now yes we see At present or we can verify that a new style from life, a new form has arisen to communicate, to learn or to look for information to us, a new form to socialize to us and to contact to us. Also he is very correct to say that a new and better way has arisen to make businesses or of creating companies or microemprendimientos. It is very accessible since all this has been able to obtain thanks to a recent invention: Internet. Then a new form is born here to undertake, to create microemprendimiento, to create company and by its position all a range comes accompanied from possibilities or investigation of niches of market prepared to be exploded, since now almost everybody enters Internet to look for information or entertainment, but mainly is possible to remember that good percentage of these people connected to the network or has realised one at least buys three months in the last and the tendency increases because more and more people enter the network or that more and more people realize Internet potential to make money.

That is to say, more and more people will be connected to Internet looking for quality information and hoping to that somebody appears and she says to him that she can solve this problem to him in exchange for a few dollars, and the person will accede to that right change of information or a physical product to solve her problem. At the same time as the enterprising certain desire commission. I wait for haberte helped, I take leave and I wish the best thing you.