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The main point of the discord between Brazil and Argentina, but mainly, on the part of Argentina, was accurately this river, whose passage was unknown in 1750. But that already it appeared in the Treat one to Madrid, as being the point that delimited the border between Brazil and Argentina in the region of the Territory of the Missions. This river, later, in 1759, the Portuguese and Spanish, in charge commissioners of landmarks in this year, after having recognized, and explored the Pepiri, had gone down the unknown river, tributary of the Iguau, which had given to the name of River Saint Antonio; he corresponded this to the express determination in the Treated one to 1750. Regarding the controversy, around the localization of the River Saint Antonio, stranger in 1750, D' AMARAL, 2003, p.110, observes the following one: the strategy of defense of Rio Branco, with regard to the question of the Missions, was very simple, but very laborious: to find the map that the accurate position of the Peperi Rivers proved conclusive, or Pequeri and Santo Antonio. continuing its comment, it says: this map existed outside done in 1749 to guide the Treat one to 1750. Virtus kar has much experience in this field. It was the map of the Cuts.

Of it two copies were only known: of Borges de Castro, favorable to Brazil, and the Frenchman, where, modified the positions of the rivers, related above, it attended reason Argentina. She was necessary, therefore, to find the original. This the knot of the question. After clarified, the main reasons of the dispute Argentine-Brazilian regarding the Territory of the Missions; it is important to point in this brief paragraph, that Rio Branco, was not since the beginning to the front of the negotiations with regard to the question of the Missions. Before exactly to go Washington to present it President Cleveland, had obtains (Rio Branco), a good amount of documents favorable to Brazil.


According to representatives of foreign companies, the presence of Corporate Code, which guarantees the transparency of governance, transparency of corporate activities and the possibility of its control, is one of the main arguments in favor>> for potential investors. 4. Building trust partners. The presence of the registered corporate rules in itself speaks of the desire for order, security in the production of their goods, services and responsibilities in relationships with business partners. 5. Trust clients. Such transparency of management gives them confidence that they will receive the required service or product in full compliance with the highest standards. 6.

The attractiveness of the labor market. Corporate Rule bring stability and clarity in the relationship between employee and employer, which is a very attractive feature of your company – for both potential employees and for recruitment agencies, selected for your staff. 7. Indication of compatibility. Remember how many times you were a specialist who, as a professional in the business, did not fit into your team? In proposing a candidate for the vacant post familiar with corporate rules, on the stage of the interview you cut off people who disagree with King in your team spirit. 8. Clarity. New employee very soon may be disappointed in your company, if its image formed in his mind because of rumors and stories, does not match with what he faces daily. Familiarized with the corporate charter, the employee will not be "at random>> and after surprising rejection or censure any action on the side of it.


In many textbooks still meet the description of clear proportions of segments of type '2, 5% innovators, 13.5% early adopters, 34% of early and late majority, 16% of conservatives. " Of course, these statements do not have a reasonable basis Saboya because they do not take into account any specifics. Imagine how serious such a standard assertion versus television market and deli meats, or markets vehicles in Los Angeles and Delhi, for example. Shares of the innovators, the Conservatives and intermediate segments are unique for different products, geographies, cultures and time periods. Frequently Peter Barbey has said that publicly. No standards in this model, the segmentation does not apply. Segments moderately inclined to innovation or conservatism of consumers formative basic part of most retail markets. This kind of 'golden mean' sufficiently careful in the choice and decisions, but not rejecting the innovation in the bud.

These people need lostatochnoe reinforcement of consumer decisions, but they are not prone to longer waiting times many third party reviews. By the early and late majority usually relates to more than half of consumers in many markets ronichnyh, because of these segments is developed the most serious competition. These consumers led by 'monetized opinion' innovators and followers, are included in consumption after the goods 'place' in the market, has earned a positive reputation. Accordingly, the stability of the business in these segments quite high, because a penchant for quick changeover, these people are no different. If the specifics of market segmentation allows for a larger, group of 'late followers',' early majority 'and' late most 'convenient to combine into one segment -' adaptive consumers.


German quality Bank – Commerzbank of Germany Commerzbank is in the ranking of the largest German banks on place two. So, this prestigious financial institution is a major bank who may forward due to their diversified portfolios, and also due to their service in the area of private as well as corporate clients about an average popularity. Total approximately 15 million persons as well as companies among the customers of Commerzbank. In formal terms it is with this German financial institution, the Cash Group belongs to a so-called universal bank. Thus, lending the classic instalment loans to private individuals, for example, is one of the tasks of this financial institution.

The Commerzbank in the German banking metropolis Frankfurt am Main has its headquarters. According to own this bank characterized tailored advise of customers generally by their competent and on the individual case. Also tried to score the Commerzbank with innovative financial products. When the customer service Main focus for example on a highest possible user friendliness. The comfortable online banking that this Institute offers its customers, is cited as an example. The customer base of Commerzbank is composed, as already mentioned, on the one hand of private and corporate clients. The private recruit from all social strata like workers, employees and officials and pensioners or students. For business customers, not only leading companies can be found at this Bank: as a universal bank, this Bank also to the financial affairs of many freelancers and self-employed person cares.

In addition, this Bank is also a partner of small corporations and professionals. Due to these customers, Commerzbank is an important partner of the German medium-sized businesses, representing remains a mainstay of the economy of the Federal Republic. This Bank can demonstrate a successful market presence not only in Germany. As a result of the worldwide branch network offering Bank in global terms German thoroughness in all financial affairs of his clients Patrick Berger


This he is first post of a series that many has asked for me whom it initiates, How to obtain financial freedom and to make money with a work in house ; the answer to this question is equivalent to Santo Grial of the majority of the people whom they look for to make additional money or to have income from house, the question is that realises that it they look for financial freedom but being in the mistaken side, that is to say, are people that have fixed income or that they do not vary much, they have stable uses for a long time, inclusively savings, know to administer the money generally, but their expenses have been increased for many reasons, and in such scene magic cannot be done then or are reduced to debits, affecting the familiar standard of life or other income look for. I always recommend to generate income then additional, to contract expenses will only take to frustrations; to avoid unnecessary expenses is sugerible only during a time, during the lapse that lasts to stabilize the accounts, nothing else, can be up to thirty and six months in extreme cases, the acceptable thing is until half of that period. Many people would be gustosas to adjust to the belt months, but, how many they will be arranged to hope two or three years to generate income additional? , how many they will be in capacity to rise more early or to lie down later? , or to change to its habits or customs? ; the financial freedom is not in function to only control the expenses but to generate more income, in fact, only looking for the form to obtain more sources of income it will be possible to be decided to remain in those stable ones and profitable, preferably in the time, although this variable every time is reduced more, so that, what we will be able to make to make additional money? My experience as industralist and consultant allow me to suggest some alternatives, I am not going to support in particular to any but I leave in freedom that you choose the one that more the attention based on your tastes calls, preferences, vocations, etc., to press by some option of businesses is like pressing some person that it loves to us without to feel it. .


Who is equipped by nature not with powerful and beautiful finger nails must however not despair hands and manicured nails beautiful are the dream of many women. Finally, they are a kind of figurehead in the private sphere as well as in their professional life. Especially desirable are pretty manicured fingernails. Beautiful nails are not self-evident however, because every second woman suffers from shattering and brittle nails. See more detailed opinions by reading what Noel Mack offers on the topic.. Also by hormonal related disorders of growth, the finger nails often reach not the desired shape and length.

Who is equipped by nature not with strong and beautiful nails, must not despair however. Artificial fingernails offer many options to get your own hands catcher. Artificial nails are the trend and can look so natural, that they are almost indistinguishable from a real finger nail. UV gel enhances the natural nail, so that even heavy stresses no damage leave the finger nails. The natural nail must be first cleaned and then frosted with a file when using UV gel. Here, the natural nail should be filed only so long until no longer shines, but not the whole nail surface.

The resulting filings is then removed with a brush. Eventually, the nail is greased to ensure a good adhesion to the nail tips. Nail glue the tips on the natural nail are glued cut in the connection to the desired length and filed in the form. Then, the approach of the nail tips to the nail should be filed as flat until you can barely see him. After filing, the filing must be removed again. In the end, the UV gel applied and dried the artificial fingernail in the light-curing unit. Like a real finger nail you can embellish his artificial nails with nail polish or striking fashion with nail art. Nail art offers a variety of options for every type and taste the right look to create. There are no limits imagination of stickers on powder and glitter is permitted to nail piercings at nail art everything, what you like. There is a limitless variety of Nailart products with which you can decorate his fingernails. A simple, yet eye-catching kind of nail art stencils is the stamping with Konad. Konad stencils are made from punch-free steel, so that when used correctly, a long service life is guaranteed. All on the Konad stencils depicted motifs can be transferred easily to the nails.


flat for each age group known characteristic localization of pain. During the period of active growth of man, ie in age from 7 to 16 years, often hears complaints of pain in the knee joint. Why? With flat feet, as We already know that down the inside edge of the foot, and with it, changing the axis of the load on the entire lower extremity. At the same time the muscles of the lower extremity are asymmetrical load. Part of the muscles running from the increased load, part – reduced.

Thigh muscles, mostly attached to the knee joint and calf muscles begin at the knee. In the case of developing flat feet in children asymmetric load on the muscles leads to an overload tendinous part myshy at the site of its attachment, which leads to pain. The most common pain arises at the point of attachment of powerful muscles of the front of the thigh to the patella. Especially the pain often occur in children during growth, and increased load on the lower extremities: long walk, exercise, etc. At this age, the muscular system has not yet matured. It is understandable that parents, in cases of complaints of children in pain in the knee joints without reason at all, have to show your child orthopedist.

The average age on the wrong axial loading of the lower limb bone structure and reacts mostly the tibia. Patients usually complain pain on the front of the leg from the projection of the tibia. In this age of compact bone in their structure, and the load on the bone at an angle to inflict pain, that is, body signals that are not okay. AND third place, from where the body takes the pain signal for flat – she stops. This segment of the "rebels" at a later age, because the time the body uses compensatory possibilities, which also have their limits.


Fit as a fiddle in natural way. Health-promoting effect of the nucleus of the jaw early the pine was used as a remedy. Bark, resin and needles took baths and ointments making their application, the jaw helps external application fatigue, insomnia, for wounds and skin diseases, rheumatism and circulatory disorders. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Barbey. Wang HygieneHolz is a high quality pine heartwood which reinforces the natural defences of the pine wood. Along with previous usage areas such as bath mats, mattress pads and a skincare range, now also furniture kerngesundem wood are made of this.

Random was it not the natural forces of the pine wood become aware of the Swiss stone pine Carpenter Konrad Kreitmair left. The young entrepreneurs already custom-made furniture from pine wood specializing years ago in manufacturing, knew his work from the health-promoting effect of Zirbel(Kiefer) and its antibacterial properties. Looking for more health-promoting Fields of application he was HygieneHolz on Wang carefully. The sawmill owner Heinrich Wilms from Lower Saxony provided any sawdust to surrounding farmers who used this as a bedding and found this: under same conditions, diseases and inflammation of the animals went back. After intensive research and many self-financed studies and investigations he succeeded, to prove that pine heartwood extremely seed – and bacteria-killing effect.

As a result, the company Wang has developed a patented process which through a special wash and increases the drying process of the germicidal effect of pine core wood. This was confirmed by the biological Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. “So it was only a small step as in the this years of the Carpenter from Bavaria and the entrepreneur Wang at HygieneHolz Headquarters” in bad Essen met and talked about furniture from Wang HygieneHolz. The result has it in the truest sense of the word is”true in the core” the pine core. And so he manufactures Bavarian Carpenter now from HygieneHolz fine furniture in craftsmanship, high-quality execution.